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GMAT AWA Template: Know Everything About AWA Template of GMAT

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The Analytical Writing Assessment is an important part of the GMAT exam that mainly evaluates your critical thinking and writing skills. With a wide range of topics to cover, this section equally demands your time and dedication to score well. Although there is only one essay to write here, you need to back all your arguments with valid and convincing pointers.

Students often have a lot doubts and confusions about structuring a GMAT AWA essay. And, to clear all your queries, we have discussed an GMAT AWA template in details in this blog. Here we have covered everything from the AWA template to the GMAT essay structure.

Table of content:

  1. What is GMAT AWA Template?
  2. Components of a GMAT AWA Template
  3. How to Write an AWA Template?

What is GMAT AWA Template?

Let’s start our discussion by trying to have an in-depth understanding of the GMAT essay template.

The GMAT AWA template is the key to having a closer view of what the GMAT expects on you in the AWA section. Considering that you have just 30 minutes time to finish the writing assignment, having a template on hand will assist in crafting an efficient essay. The substantive AWA essay you write will follow the guidelines in the GMAT analytical writing template.

Your GMAT AWA essay doesn't need to be necessarily creative. The AWA template is a very helpful prerequisite for achieving that you complete the required written and analytical assignments and handle every key aspect of the argument. To compose an essay that knocks all the key elements and saves brain power for the other portions of the GMAT exam—Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning—the GMAT writing template provides you with a tried-and-true strategy.

GMAT AWA Essay Preparation Tips

Components of a GMAT AWA Template

Both a computer and a person will examine and grade your essay in terms of compelling ideas and examples, an organisational framework to communicate your argument, vocabulary & phrasing, and grammatical correction. The following components are what a good GMAT essay sample should include:

  • Essay Structure: The template should include your intended essay's structure and should adhere to a para-by-para-arrangement.
  • Content: Each paragraph's required notions or points must be specified in the template. Each paragraph needs to contain no more than one primary theme.
  • Pre-Used Words and Phases: The format must also include particular words and statements that you intend to incorporate in the segments. You can use these to jot down any weaknesses you find in the argument.

Now that we are aware of the components that are incorporated in a GMAT AWA template, let us try and create or write our very own AWA template. Not to panic! We’ll be learning how to make your template in the next section together!


How to Write an AWA Template?

You should use a GMAT essay template to help you create a strong AWA essay. Using your essay template is always an option. To choose which AWA writing prompt works best for you, try a couple of them and create an essay template. Your very own essay template will have the following structure:

  • The Introductory Para: The opening paragraph should not be more than two or three lines long. In your introduction, you must briefly outline the argument and provide your viewpoint on it. Furthermore, you may claim that the author's argument presented isn't all that weak.
  • The main body of the essay: The essay's core paragraph count can range from two to three. Each paragraph must address a different weakness you have seen in the thesis. You must provide sufficient evidence to back up your assertions. You might also clarify how the argument is compromised by the error.
  • The Ending: In your essay's conclusion, you must demonstrate how the reasoning is flawed. Additionally, you must provide a succinct summary of your evaluation and back it up with a thesis declaration. You may also point out how the writer could have strengthened their argument and offered solutions for them to fix the weaknesses in their reasoning.

Complete Guide to GRE AWA

Now that you know how you can prepare your very own template, let’s get to work! There are many sample GMAT AWA template pdf available online for you to get familiar with how to create your templates. Subscribe to Yocket Premium right now for any advice or support!


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