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Flight Ticket Giveaway on Yocket Loan assistance

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Problems in Student Financing?

Prepare for exams, analyse various universities, write SOPs, apply, and then...then what? Wait!

While waiting for decisions from universities seems to be the most stressful thing for a student, the worries for a MS aspirant do not end here.
Received an Admit? Congratulations! Have great admits, but no liquid money to fund your educations? Where to stay once you reach the University? Who is going to sponsor your education? Are you getting a scholarship? Who can get an Education Loan? Which bank to go for? What are these NBFCs? Are you eligible for an Educational Loan? What’s a mortgage? What’s margin money? What the…

All so confusing, right!? Not if you’re on Yocket.

We understand your needs and problems even before you have them. Like all the amazing tools on Yocket, We’re solving this problem with our Loan Assistance service.

Yocket Loan Assistance

Easily discover various finance options for your Masters with help from our expert advisors. We enable you an easy access to finance necessary for your education, including all the formalities right from sanction to disbursement. Our advisors will constantly be in touch with you, guide you and connect you to multiple education loan providers based on your profile.
We envision a day where every student has the necessary access to finance their education.

Love for the community

Yocket aims at continuing to serve the students in the best ways possible. Starting with a simple give-back attempt with 3 flight tickets to express our gratitude towards the community. As promised, we literally made you Fly to your university.

We are overwhelmed with the number of participants and their responses to this giveaway. This gives us more credence in our efforts and we assure you to work harder in our future endeavours for the advantage of the Yocketers.

Lucky Winners:

It’s about time that we announce the 3 lucky winners of "WIN A FLIGHT TICKET" contest.

  1. Siddharth Dhar (sidDhar) 100% Cashback (upto ₹50,000)
  2. Yagneshwaran P (Yagneshwaran) 50% Cashback (upto ₹25,000)
  3. Caushik Rajesh (caushik95) 25% Cashback (upto ₹12,500)

Congratulations! You finally achieved your dream university and here’s a small bonus from Yocket. We hope you like it! Winners are requested to check their registered email for steps to claim their cash prize.

For us, every Yocketer is a winner as you have landed on that dream university you were aiming for. With Yocket Loan Assistance Program you are relieved of your confusions and your expenses. With this you are one step closer to your goal. So cheer up! All the preparation and efforts you put in, is finally showing its best colours.

Vision for the future

Yocket is guided by the vision of building a diverse community of MS aspirants. We understand that each and every step in this process is important . We are continuously figuring out ways to solve all your study abroad problems.

We work hard to understand your requirements and get them delivered to you through our partners - so that you can rely on finding the best option that works for you.

Lastly, we would love to thank all the Yocketers for being on the community. We hope you had a good time researching universities and sharing knowledge  with others on Yocket. Hope you benefited immensely from our service.

If you’re a parent, planning the finances for your child’s education, you can get in touch with our advisors. For students we have various sessions that help you understand the process. Start planning your education Finance with Yocket now!

Join Yocket Loan Assistance Program !

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