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Fall 2018- F1 Student Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | University of Maryland College Park | Computer Science- Approved)

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Profile Details:

University: University of Maryland College Park
Course: MS in Computer Science

Mumbai Consulate
Date: May 2018
Status: Approved

Visa Interview Experience:

The USA consulate at BKC is a busy place, there'll be people queing outside for the first check where the security guard will check you appointment time.
My appointment was at 8:45 am and I was allowed to enter the gate at 8:00am so start queing up well in advance, don't wait for the last 15 minutes.

  1. There's a security check that's pretty similar to the airport security check. Following which you'll be asked to sit in the waiting area that has 6 columns of chairs where they ask you to sit according to you appointment time slot.
  2. When it's time, they will ask you to enter the next section of the building where you'll have to queue up again. First they'll do the biometric scanning again, following which you'll be asked to join another queue.
  3. This queue takes some time to move and at this point you'll be able to see all the windows and you'll experience and witness at least 20 visa interviews. (Don't panic, you'll see lots of rejections too, the girl ahead of me was rejected)
  4. I was asked to proceed to counter no. 33, the VO was a very young man and he greeted me with a smile.

VO: Good morning, how are you doing?
Good morning sir, I'm doing well, how are you you?

VO: Good Good, please pass me your passport i20 and SEVIS receipt
(passed it)

VO: So. Why do you wish to go to the USA, to the University of Maryland? Why do you wish to be a terp?

VO: Isn't it a very expensive university?
It is sir, but *answered, mentioning about their industry and consumer centric teaching approaches etc* ended with "that's why it's worth all the money".

VO: Who'll be sponsoring your education?
My father will be sponsoring me sir.

VO: How does he plan to finance it?
He has savings of ₹XXX and his annual income is ₹XXX which will be sufficient to fund my education.

VO: Okay. Which subjects will you be taking in your first semester?
I'll be signing up for the Elective xyz for sure, but other than this I'm not really sure because I haven't been assigned a program advisor yet.

VO: Okay. (Types something for about 10 seconds)
VO: Best of luck for your education I'm approving your visa
Thank you sir, have a great day!

VO: You too!

The interview barely lasted for 45 seconds.
Some tips:

  • Be clear in whatever you are saying. The girl ahead of me was rejected because he didn't have a concrete answer for the question why XYZ University and stuttered and fumbled when asked about her sponsor and source of financing.
  • Stick a warm smile, it will change the tone of the conversation
  • Getting visa approved is no rocket science, don't lie, stay humble and confident and you should be good to go.

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