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Fall 2017 Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | University of Georgia | Computer Science)

Sumeet Jain

Profile Details:

University: University of Georgia
Course: MS in Computer Science

First Attempt
Mumbai Consulate
June 2017
Status: Rejected
Counter No: 30

Visa Interview Experience:

VO was a lady in her 30-35 she rejects 80℅ of people from her counter and takes long visa interview, so I prepare my mind for her as well. I am in queue.
Guard sent me to her counter.
Forget these things let's come to the point. After greetings

VO: Passes me your I20, passport and sevis fee receipt.
She types for 5-10 seconds

VO: Which course in this University?
For pursuing masters in computer science.
She again types for 5-10 seconds.

VO: Have you ever been gone outside from India?
She again types 3-5 seconds, now I didn't tolerate this and again started my previous answer by saying that I never get a chance with smiling face and she smiles too said ok ok.

VO: When did you passed out?
In 2013 with 70℅.

VO: What are you doing since then?
After graduation I worked in IT company and after 1 year I switched to other IT company as a web developer.

VO: So why now MS?
For getting more knowledge in my field as I want to learn new databases, database architecture, algorithms etc.

VO: Why not in India?
Very few schools are good here and they are IIT’s but even iitians are going to abroad so for that I choose US.

VO: How do you manage ur funds
My father has a saving of amount xx lakhs and also he owns one ppf account in post office worth of x lakh, other then that a bank loan of amount 20 lakh.

VO: So whose your sponsor?
My father and also I have a bank loan.
Again she type something
I thought I got the visa, typing typing typing.

VO: So what's your GRE?

VO: How many universities you applied into?
4 university in which I got 3 admits, one is that university of Georgia, then Utah state university, sunny Binghamton she interrupts me by saying what, I said sunny... Binghamton, she said ok ok. (After that I want to tell her about my one rejection but she asked me next question)

VO: So why you choose this University?
As the course curriculum of this University attracts me a lot as it has a separate lab for big data analytics which is very useful for a programmer, also lexical analyser she interrupts me again

VO: Why you chooses this University?
Course curriculum is very attractive one minute pause then I am about to say something like also the ranking..she interrupts me again.

VO: Sorry this time your visa can't be approved and handed me a slip of 214b.

All the anger and frustration could be hide by me at the time of interview. As we are professionals and we can already tolerate this type of interview or more in IT companies.

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