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Fall 2017 Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | Rutgers University - New Brunswick | Information Technology)

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Profile Details:

University: Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Course: MS in Information Technology

First Attempt
Mumbai Consulate
July 2017
Status: Approved

Visa interview Experience:

VO: Where are you from?

VO: Which universities?
Rutgers and UCinn.

VO: How about UCinn?
Have not heard back from them.

VO: Why only these two universities.
I researched on the courses that they offer. It caters to my requirements.

VO: Which course ? Which subjects? Why those subjects? Which one is going to be difficult and why? GRE score and toefl score.
Answered specific details.

VO: Who is funding you?
Parents and self fund.

VO: What do the they do?
Both are government employees. Dad is retired mom is still working.

VO: Is your dad having a pension plan?
Yes ma’am.

VO: Do you have other financial support?
Not yet. But I am in process of getting an education loan.

VO: When did you graduate and what have you been doing since then?
2014 is the graduation year and I have got 20 months of total work experience. In this tenure I worked in a total of two different companies.

VO: Job title and company name?

VO: Hey, I am approving your visa. Congrats.
 Thanks you so much ma’am.

Overall, it was a grilling though chilling experience. I reached at 11.27 while my OFC appointment was at 11.30. Hats off to mumbai traffic but I was lucky enough that day to reach just on time.

Tips to aspirants: They will observe your preparedness..be positive and stay calm. Things are over hyped about the interview but the process is quite stream lined.

Note: Content in this article is taken from a public forum moderated by Yocket. Personal details which may reveal the identity have been removed in order to maintain annonimity.

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