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Fall 2017 Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | Dallas Bapist University | Industrial engineering)

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Fall 2017 Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | Dallas Bapist University | Industrial engineering) Image

Profile Details:

University: Dallas Bapist Universit
Course: MS in Industrial Engineering


First Attempt
Mumbai Consulate
June 2017
Status: Approved
Counter No: 29

Visa interview Experience:

Tips: Just be calm, confident and frank to them
No documents were checked

VO: Good morning.
Very good morning sir.! how's your day till now?

VO: Great what about you? Pass me your passport first and your i20 and Sevis fee receipt please.

VO: So why you are going for MBA after completing Bachelors in computer engineering?
ME: Sir, In bachelors i studied Management, Information security , DataBaseManagementSystems and Software Engineering and in the final year project i came to know coding is not enough to implement a successful project in any company that's why i am going to get masters not only in business administration also in project management and management information systems.

VO: So how many credits you are going to take in 1st sem ? name ?
Sir 12 Credits

  • Corporate Finance 
  • Leadership in management
  • Information Technology security

Sir frankly speaking i just forgot due to nervousness but i am having idea of that subject.

VO: That's all good. Who's going to fund you?
My parents.

VO: What they are doing and how?
Told about my parents business and total assets.

VO: So why Dallas Baptist?
Told about university's course work, my growth in future.

VO: So how many you have applied?

VO: What happened?
Sir 1 acceptance only and 1 is still pending.

VO: Tell me the name of university you get rejections.

VO: Smiling at me oh so you had only one choice!
Yes sir but I got it into aimed.

VO: Chill it's okey happens. GRE?
298 sir.

VO: Why too low?
Sir I gave it twice but idk what happened to me on the time of my exam i gave mocks and was prepared well but i couldn't score above 300.

VO: Continuously typing something and I was so scared and praying god please no ctrl+p.

VO: Alright sir now please calm down I am approving your visa.
Thank you so much sir you really made my day today have a nice day

Vo: You too dear.

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