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Fall 2017 Visa Experience: (Hyderabad Consulate | Northern Illinois University | Financial Risk Management)

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Profile Details:

University: Northern Illinois University
Course: MS in Financial Risk Management

Second Attempt
Hyderabad Consulate
June 2017
Status: Approved

Visa interview Experience:


Kinda different profile - No GRE, No GMAT (waived) IELTS 7.5
Work Experience– 10.5 years.

I was very casual (attire and attitude) and was ready for rejection.
After the usual process of passport & finger print check was sent to the waiting area and was asked to stand in the VI queue after about 10 mins.
The VO in her 40s’ approved 2 visas before me.
A volunteer took and passed my passport to her and asked me to hold the I-20
My turn comes now 11.11 am approx. and lasted about 3-4 minutes as she was typing a lot

ME: Good morning
VO: Good morning, give me a moment (scans barcode behind my passport)

VO: So what do you think might be the reason for your previous rejection?
I wasn’t prepared for the interview and I was not confident in my responses. Previously I also attended a B1 interview and it was very simple so I thought F1 also would be as simple and I didn’t prepare well.

VO: You already have masters, why do you want to go for second masters?
The previous masters (MBA) is related to business administration and now I am going for masters in financial risk management which will help me learn advances techniques in managing financial risk.

VO: Where did you do your previous Masters?
In India.

VO: Why have you chosen Northern Illinois University?
The program at NIU best suits my interests and is in conjunction with my work experience. The program is also in partnership (mentioned association then corrected to partnership) with GARP – global association of risk professionals and after I complete my masters I will also be eligible to write a certification exam conducted by GARP.

VO: What all colleges did you apply to?
I applied to NIU, CUNY and UCONN.

VO: Why did you chose NIU over the other 2?

VO: When did you complete your previous masters?

VO: Did you appear for GRE?
I appeared for IELTS and got a 7.5 band, I got a GMAT waiver from all colleges.

VO: Oh yeah GMAT. Why was the GMAT waived?
Based on my work exp. which is entirely in risk management the universities waived my GMAT.
I worked with organizations like HSBC, Deloitte and Grant Thornton and my work profile with all this companies was within the risk management function

VO: Who will be funding you?
My father who is a businessman will be funding me, he is into broadcasting and internet services business for the past 20 years.

VO: Do you have a bank loan (I heard it as bank account)?
Yes, I do have a bank account

VO: Bank loan?
I don’t have a bank loan I heard it as account.

VO: What is your father’s annual income?
Around XX Lacs pa.

VO: What’s your father?
He is a proprietor.

VO: Proprietor?

VO: don’t you have any savings?
Yes, I gave all my savings to my father as he is the primary sponsor.

VO: how much did you save?
about XX Lac.

VO: Your visa is approved – Good Luck and she kept my passport and handed over my I-20
Thank you, have a good day.

I was chilling throughout the interview and was waiting to hear Sorry, I cant approve your Visa. I was standing with both my hands on the counter moving my fingers as I had already kept my documents on the counter and was standing with crossed legs.

It took so long to recollect every bit and put it down here. Hope it will help someone.
Good luck.


First Attempts

Hyderabad Consulate
June 2017
Status: Rejected
Counter No: 10

Visa interview Experience:

VO: Why have you chosen NIU?
The program that I am going for is offered by very few universities NIU being one of them. (I believe this was a wrong answer and I should have spoken about how the program will benefit me)

VO: Have you appeared for GRE / GMAT?
I have 10 years of work experience and hence all the universities that I have applied for gave me a GMAT Waiver.

VO: When did you pass out?

VO: Why back to school now?
The market is very competitive and I want to stand out in the crowd so that I get better opportunities. (This was a dis-satisfactory answer I guess. Any suggestions?)

VO: You already have a masters why another masters?
This program will help me boost my career and provide better prospects.

VO: Do you have the masters from the US?
No, I do not.

VO: Sorry sir I can not approve your visa this time.
That’s ok.
Left the counter with a blue paper in hand which said 214B.

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