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Fall 2017 Visa Experience: (Chennai Consulate | Northwestern University | Robotics)

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Profile Details:

University: Northwestern University
Course: MS in Robotics

First Attempt
Chennai Consulate
July 2017
Status: Pending

Visa interview Experience:

GRE: 321 Q167 V154
TOEFL: 101
2014 Mechanical Engineering passout with 2.7 years experience as developer in Infosys.

VO: Hey. How are you?
I am fine. Good morning.(Passed the passport).

VO: Which University?
Northwestern University.

VO: How much is your GRE?
321 with 167 in Quants.

VO: Sorry!

VO: So, how are you planning to fund?
I have an education loan of 56 Lakhs and my parents have liquid cash of 20 Lakhs.

VO: Can I see your I20?
Sure Sir (Passed the i20).

VO: In which area are you going to specialize in robotics?
Bioinspired robotics and prosthetics.

VO: Sorry (He didn't hear me again)
Bioinspired robotics and prosthetics
Then he kept on reading something for some 5 minutes. After that he called his colleague and switched off the mic and discussed for another 5mins. After that he passed me a blue slip and said,

VO: We need some administrative processing. There is nothing to worry about but I don't know how much time it will take.
Okay sir. Thank you

VO: Have a nice day

The VISA officer was a really nice guy. He kept my passport with him. I think my course being Robotics is the problem. The box with administrative processing required was checked in the blue slip.

(Generally it takes between one week to 10 days for this process to get completed)


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