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Fall 2017 - F1 Student Visa Experience: (Mumbai Consulate | Golden Gate University | Business Analytics- Approved)

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Profile Details:

University: Golden Gate University
Course: MS in Business Analytics

Second Attempt
Mumbai Consulate
July 2017
Status: Approved

Visa interview Experience:

Actually I left my home by 7.30 because it takes around 1.30 hour to reach Mumbai consulate from my home. I thought I will reach by 9 but because of Heavy rain that day morning and traffic I reached Consulate at 10.30 but I did not panicked because I knew that they will allow me to enter.
Once I entered they asked me to stand in long queue and I think I was the last person in that queue. It was long queue because others were from 11am time slot.
I spoke to staff and asked if I can skip queue because I was late and my visa time slot was 10Am.
He asked me to stay in queue it won't impact on your interview.
After 1hr around 12.15 my Interview started.

ME: (After checking time) Good Afternoon Ma'am. How are you doing?
VO: Fine. Pass me your Passport & I-20.

(After scanning she didn't asked me any question for almost 1 min. I think she was reading my previous interview conversation) After sometime
VO: When you completed your Bachelor's
In 2013 ma'am.

VO: What you did after that?
I pursued my Master's in Management Studies from Mumbai University in 2015. Before completing my Master's I secured my Job in campus Interview and after that I was working with Xyz company as Xyz from last 2 year where I was managing xxx and was responsible for xxx task.

VO: Ok so why you want to do second Master's now?
As I was working from last 2 year's I learned enough that this job had to offer me. From last couple of months I am not able to learn something new. Also I am very keen of learning so GGU is offering knowledge which I am seeking for so I want to Grab this opportunity.

VO: why you selected GGU?
Told my answer which I prepared.

VO: Why you selected Business Analytics course?
Because demand is too much in India and told about Indian Economy and told I want to apply that knowledge in Indian Market of Business Analytics and want to be part of this growth.

VO: Which is hard subject for you and why?
(I was not prepared for this question) in hurry I told business Statistics and told I am weak in this subject from school but this time I will try my best to learn.

VO: What was your GRE score?

VO: Who is sponsoring your Education?
I have good saving as I was working from last 2 years and as I am staying with my parents I don't have much expenses. Also my parents are going to support me for my Education and as Back up I have also sanctioned my education loan though I don't think that I need to exercise that option.

VO: What your parents do?
My mom have xyz business and dad is helping her and together they are earning xx amount p.a.
(Last time I told my dad is retired but I think that had negative impact so this time I changed my answer)

After she was typing for sometime. I was little worried because this was my 2nd time and I did a lot of practice and according to me It was my best performance. After she said something and kept my passport. I don't know what she told but I told her thanks a lot and have a wonderful day. I was too excited because My mom was standing outside from 2hrs waiting for good news. It's like dreams come true.


  • I think Education loan is must even you have enough funds because last time I was rejected and that time I didn't mentioned about my loan.
  • Keep smile on your face and give answer with confidence.
  • Don't panic if you are Late.
  • I was standing last in queue and observed mostly all VO and decided that I won't go on 30,34 and one more window even if volunteer send me. I thought I will go to other window and if he observe me than I will tell I didn't heard properly.

Most Important thing: Sometimes if you have Bad luck and your Visa get rejected because bad mood of Visa Officer don't get Disappointed and never lose hope. I seen many Officer there who were rejecting visa of all candidate continuously without asking proper questions. In my first Attempt same happened with me.

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