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Fall 2017 - F1 Student Visa Experience: (Chennai Consulate | University of Missouri, Kansas City | Mechanical Engineering - Approved)

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Profile Details:

University: University of Missouri, Kansas City
Course: MS in Mechanical Engineering

Second Attempt
Chennai Consulate
July 2017
Status: Approved
Counter No: 29

Visa Interview Experience:

Profile: GRE: 306(161,145,3), IELTS: 6(L6,w6,s6,R6.5), CGPA: 7.04/10(2 Backlogs)
VO is a white guy in mid his 30's.

VO: Hi, good morning, How are you?
Good morning sir, I'm fine

VO: Pass me the passport and i20.
Sure sir, passed.

VO: So, which university?
University of Missouri - Kansas City sir,

VO: What is your GRE?
306 with 161 in Quant sir,

VO: Do you have the score report with you?
Yes sir, I do passed.

VO: So, which course you are going for?
Mechanical Engineering sir.

VO: What is your area of interest?
Materials and manufacturing.

VO: What are your plans after graduation?
I intend to come back to India after graduation and work as research scientist at DRDO sir.

VO: Whats DRDO?
Defence Research and Development Organization of INDIA.

VO: OK, What is your research interest?
Automated composite design and processing sir.

VO: What? Come again.
Repeated it again.

VO: Explain me about that.
(Just told the title in a different way as I don’t know anything about that, I know I messed it here but I said it confidently)

VO: Ok Good. How are you funding for your stay?
I have an education loan and my father is supporting me sir, also I was awarded scholarship.

VO: How much amount did you have?
30L as education loan and 16L as savings sir.

VO: What is your father?
He is a businessman sir.

VO: What sort of business?
It's a logistics business sir, we own large trucks that carry heavy loads from ship yards or manufacturing units to the markets.

(At this point he looks satisfied)
After typing for few seconds I heard the those golden words I have been waiting for months.

VO: Congratulations, I'm approving your visa.
(after 3 secondss I've realized that my visa is approved) Thank you Sir, Thank you very much, you made my day (I've practiced this for days)
Returned back my i20 and gre score report.
After leaving the counter I was searching if any of my papers were forgotten over there, I couldn't find my passport with me.
I was tensed and searching my pockets, file for the passport for nearly 15 seconds and after that I have realized my visa is approved and the passport is with him.

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