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Fall 2016 Visa Experience: (Delhi Consulate | Clemson University (CU) | Automotive Engineering)

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Profile Detail:

University: Clemson University (CU)
Course: MS in Automotive Engineering

Delhi Consulate
Date: May 2016
Status: Approved
Counter No: 11

Visa Interview Experience

VO: Why do you want to pursue Masters from US?
Because US has excellent research in Automotive Engineering.

VO: So why did you choose Clemson University for masters?
Because it is among the top universities for a course in automotive and has excellent coursework and facilities.

VO: How many did you apply in?
Me :

VO: Your i20 says $39k, so how are you planning to pay it?
I will be taking an education loan for 60k and have personal savings of around 15k.

VO: Who will be a guarantee for your loan ?
My father

VO: What does he do?
He is an executive engineer at CPWD in Delhi.

VO: Ok. I am approving your visa. Good Luck.

PS: Reach early. I entered at around 9am and was out by around 10am. Do not take your car if you are coming alone. Mobile phones can be kept outside the embassy for Rs. 50.

For the interview: Keep calm and stay confident.

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