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Faculty director series MSBA at University at Buffalo

Yocket Editorial Team

This feature story is the Master of Science in Business Analytics faculty director, Professor Dominic Sellitto. This three-part video series will help you get to know Professor Sellitto in a more personal light. Learn how Professor Sellitto transitioned from consulting to academia, what challenges him about being a Faculty Director, and what makes the MSBA program unique.

The first video in the series is an introduction to the MS in Business Analytics program at University of Buffalo, with deep insights into its importance and future prospects. 

Next up is a more comprehensive discussion on the speciality and uniqueness of MSBA at University of Buffalo. What makes the program stand out from others at UB? What is the effectiveness of MSBA in today’s world? To find out, watch the video below:

Education is much more than books, curriculum and exams. At UB, the focus is utterly laid on the overall development of the students through rigorous research, community projects, etc. Watch the last segment of the series to know more about UB’s quest in promoting people focussed connections through its MSBA program:

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