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Choosing a credential evaluation service

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Almost all U.S. applicants know that in the United States, courses are graded on a scale of 4.0. While in India, courses are graded on a scale of 10.0 or even in terms of percentage. And now the question arises as to how to grade a course from a 10.0 scale to 4.0 scale. Don’t fret, it’s not rocket science and let’s say it is not tough (since aerospace engineers don’t care even if it’s rocket science). This type of credits conversion service is done by some agencies in a legal and authorized way.


But, do I really need this credit evaluation?

Mostly no. Most universities and programs understand other credit evaluation systems to understand the academic excellence of the candidate. 

But some universities or some programs specifically require an evaluation service. Notable examples include Mississippi State University, Missouri State University and Texas A&M University. It would be advisable to check your program requirements or even mail your dream school’s graduate coordinator to inquire if they need credential evaluation services.


Which agency should I choose for the evaluation?

Some universities state explicitly that they need evaluation service from the World Education Services agency. But if not stated there are various other agencies like the 

  1. National Association of Credential Evaluation Services

  2. Association of International Credential Evaluators 

  3. American Evaluation Association (AEA)

  4. European Association of International Education (EAIE)

  5. American Translation Association (ATA)

  6. NAFSA: Association of International Educators (NAFSA)

  7. American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)

  8. America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc. (AMIDEAST)

It is important to note that the first two agencies are also recognized by the United States Department of State.

Before going with any agency, please check it’s acceptability with your dream school’s graduate coordinator.

The factors to consider while choosing a credential evaluation service are -

  • Type of credential evaluation: Does the evaluator offer the type of credential evaluation required for the pertaining course and/or documents? It is very important to understand what type of credential evaluation the university/ course is looking for.

  • Credential evaluation report format: Are the credential evaluation reports presented in the necessary format for the intended purpose? Because if it is not then there is no use of selecting the credential evaluation service.

  • Fees for evaluation: Study abroad is an expensive affair. You must try to save money wherever possible. The credential evaluation report fees are competent so look for the one which fulfills your requirements and fits your budget as well.

  • Time to evaluate: Adhering to a proper timeline is very important when it comes to applying to the universities. You can’t really afford to miss a deadline due slow evaluation of your transcripts. Therefore, it is necessary to know the average time taken for these credential evaluation reports and the respective rush period/emergency policies that these agencies have.

  • Customer Queries: The credential evaluation agency should have a quick and efficient setup for answering customer queries.

  • Reliability of the Evaluation: Is the credential evaluator able to provide genuine client references/reviews? How good and reliable are they?

  • Longevity of the records: How long does the credential evaluation agency keep their records?

  • Evaluation report copies: Is it possible to obtain more copies of the credential evaluation from the evaluator if needed in the future and what is the procedure to obtain the same?

  • Old or new: How long has the credential evaluation agency been in this business?

  • Refund Policy: What is their refund policy in case of withdrawal of the evaluation application?

  • Change of request: Before you choose the credential evaluation service, find out all the aspects about them such as whether the type of evaluation request be changed once placed and the types of penalties that are applied?

  • Dispute Policy: What policy does the credential evaluation agency have to handle disputes?


Anything else I need to know?

Selecting a credit evaluation agency is something similar to selecting a university out of two admits. You should find it’s evaluation cost, the credibility of the agency and the time taken to evaluate your grades. After knowing the important facts, you can proceed to your evaluation of your GPA.

So in a nutshell, before going for credential evaluation, research on whether your university requires you to do it and then research about which agency would cater to your factors. And then you are just one less step away from sitting in a class at a program at your dream university!

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