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Can The Foreign Land Be Trusted?

Bindi Sevak

You can never be over-dressed or overeducated

- Oscar Wilde

With increasing competition and with the desire to excel higher in life, students of this generation feel that a sole graduate degree isn't sufficient. To quench the thirst to learn more, many a student, prefer to go for higher studies to universities, outside India. Alternatively, few prefer to attain both, graduate and post graduate degrees from these universities. However, their hunger, to edify themselves from a foreign university leaves the parents of these students apprehensive.Let's draw out the major concerns of these parents:

1. First and foremost, what worries the parents most is the lifestyle of the foreign nation. Parents get anxious because they doubt if their children would adjust or cope up in an entirety non-familiar environment.
The problem here is the parents are actually scared if their children, who were totally dependent on them, would be able to survive without them. I would just say one thing, a bird can fly only if it is let lose in the vast sky.

2. The next is the financial issue. The average middle class parents are willing to send their children but their average income is what causes a hindrance.
However, today bank loans are easily accessible, and most of the students themselves repay it.

3. The next concern is whether their children will get jobs there.
Again, this is just the trepidation of parents. The kids these days are smart, and they will always find their way out. Some amount of trust is needed from the parent's side over here. That's it.

4. The next concern is the gravest of all, 'what if she/he never returns' - The settlement issue.
This is not some Hindi movie where the child would never return once he has landed on the foreign land. They will come visit their country, more often than their parents can comprehend. Settling in a foreign country is not a bad thing. If that's where their success is, parents should support their decision.

5. The next one is the Security.
There is no exact solution for this concern, as this worry would never cease. The one thing that parents should note is that a calamity can happen anywhere, irrespective of the country. Hence, they should just trust their kids.

6. The last, and not so grave, is the concern of 'food'.
This concerns more to the parents of Indian boys (not girls, because Indian girls are assumed and expected to have a good hand in culinary.). Today's boys are smart and are willing to learn cooking and prevent themselves from starving.

Thus, these are some of the issues which linger in the minds of the Indian parents. Little patience, trust and some enlightenment from the students who already live in these foreign countries is what is needed by the parents to calm their mind.

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