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Masters abroad: preps and steps

Avoid these Mistakes in MS In US

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A few miscellaneous mistakes which could be avoided in your quest for pursuing MS in US have been discussed below. Don't take these into face value. Do your research and apply to your scenario accordingly.

1. If you're looking for bank loans to cover your MS studies, there are a few facts to consider. You could either apply for loan in a nationalized, government bank or private banks.

  • A major advantage of obtaining loans from government bank is that the interest rate is pretty low, compared to their private counterpart. That being said, a nationalized bank would only cover your tuition fees and would not dispatch even a cent for living expense. This is a major caveat since the living expense accumulates a lot, at least in the first semester. If you can't find any other source to fund your living expenses, you'd be knee deep in trouble (assuming you can't put all your trust in getting RA/TA/Part times, since there's no guarantee you'll get one in the first semester)
  • Here's when private bank loans kick in. They pretty much cover your entire expenditure, including your living expenses, too. However, the rate of interest is sky-high. Furthermore, with the amount of loan available, one could be easily carried away and could end up spending a lot more than necessary. Find what fits your situation.

2. Do not barrage the admission committee continuously inquiring about the date when your admission decision would be announced. Have patience! Continuous mailing could only aggravate the adcom, and though these decisions might not reflect in your admit decision, why take the chance? Your decision can be announced anytime until one month before the classes start i.e. August, for fall 2016 (There are a few exceptions. Some universities are known for announcing their decisions even after an entire semester! But, we know better than waiting relentlessly so long, don't we?)

3. Keep track of the LORs/documents that have been sent to the respective university by checking your portal. You need to make sure none of the documents are lost in the transit. And, if you receive I-20 or any other critical information from the university, acknowledge it that you've received it and thank them.

4. Instead of waiting for admit decision restlessly, try to make the best possible use of available free-time and do some certification course related to your course major. It would go a long way in improving your outlook on the course, and you would have something to say to the VO in the visa interview if you were what you were doing in the interim gap.

5. If you're sure about a particular major/course you'd be taking, buy the books related to the syllabus as read in the university's course portal. Books are 10x expensive in the U.S.

6. Finally, if you're working, start hinting about your withdrawal from the company to your immediate/reporting boss and explain them about your plan to pursue higher studies. They tend to create as much trouble as possible before they relieve you from work.

All the best, and if you happen to carry any queries regarding the application process, let me know.

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