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We’ve collated some of the basics and must-know facts here.


Each country has its own visa process and eligibility & acceptance criteria. You can get them on the official website. Here are some of those-

Visa Process for USA

Visa Process for Canada

Visa Process for UK

Common Pre-requisites:

Unconditional offer letter: This implies that you qualify for all the academic requirements specified by the immigration authority of that country.
Note - Usually the requirements from the immigration authority and the university are same, but if they are not, make sure you fulfil both of those.

Proof of finance: You are required to prove that you can fund your stay in the country and pay the tuition fees. Fret not! All you have to do is upload/provide the required financial documents where they ask for and you are all set. (If you are using Yocket Finance, rest assured you’ll have these docs.)

Accommodation: This is not mandatory, but your plans of accommodation are often asked for, just to ensure your intent of staying there.

Medical/Health Insurance: Most countries require you to get medical insurance and usually universities provide these for the students. In case your university hasn’t, you can easily check on the immigration website for acceptable insurance and get yourself one.

The Process:

  1. Apply & pay for the visa on the official website
  2. Book an appointment for the visa interview/document submission
  3. Give the interview/Submit your documents
  4. You get the visa usually in 3-4 weeks (time varies from country to country)

Tips from visa advisors:

  1. Book an appointment for the visa interview/document submission
  2. Get the doc checklist from the immigration website and stick to it
  3. Always refer to the official website only
  4. Start the visa process at least 90 days prior to the course start date

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