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Vineel Chandra

NOTE: The given views/statistics are indicative. Perceptions may vary from person-to-person.

France has greatly influenced the western world for hundreds of years. More than 260 million people on five continents speak French. It is the official language for 70 nations and the second most commonly studied foreign language, after English.

France delivers inexpensive quality education to students all over the world, being the fourth most popular destination for international students.

Higher education system:-

Higher education in France is divided between grandes écoles and public universities. Admission to grandes écoles requires a high school diploma + 2 years of additional high school studies. Master program specializations offered in the second year of study are either research or professionally oriented. Employment oriented Professional Licenses are also available.

Education and Research:-

In engineering schools and the professional degrees of universities, a large share of teachers is made up of part-time professors hired to teach one specific subject. They are usually professionals working in research institutes or relevant industries. In most cases, research is carried out in scientific establishments located on university grounds, operated both by scientists and by the university staff.

Student Study Support:-

International students enjoy the same benefits as local students in terms of tuition fees, health coverage and housing assistance. Universities organize shows and hold conferences, seminars, parties and outdoor activities as part of their student integration policies.

Study options include full-time and part-time studies, with flexible class schedules. Some universities also offer online study programs. Every university has an internship referral system and a career services office that inform students of available internships and job opportunities.

The French government supports much of the costs of attending university in the country. Simplified visa regulation and internationally recognized diplomas encourage international student enrolment.

Languages of instruction:-

According to a report from the Institute of International Education (IIE), France ranks in the top host European countries for English-taught Master's programs. This makes France an excellent destination to study abroad and benefit from courses taught in English. A wide range of programs are held in French, which make an excellent opportunity for international students to expand their communication skills.


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