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Certificate of completed academic degree of bachelor of science, state examination or any comparable degree after a minimum six-semester study programme in the subject chemistry as well as a proof of the ability to work scientifically respectively in a basically- and methods-oriented way and to solve complex and difficult problems, Transcript of records of the examinations taken during the degree programme with the final grade of the academic degree, If the bachelor’s degree has not yet been completed: Transcript of records of all examination achievements completed by the time of application indicating the average grade based on examination results, For applicants with a degree from abroad: grading system of the study abroad indicating the minimum grade required for passing the academic degree as well as the highest grade possible. If this information is not given in the degree certificate/transcript, it must be provided separately on an official document or letter, Proof of adequate English language competence, For applicants with a degree from China or Vietnam: APS certificate, Certificates and comparable documents demonstrating the previous career (CV/CurriculumVitae), not more than two pages, as well as proof of vocational training and/or practical work and any previous studies allowing conclusions about aptitude for this programme, Letter of motivation: a written report of not more than one page (in German or English) in which the personal and subject-related reasons for applying for the chosen study programme are stated and in which the choice of programme is explained, Additional official translation of the documents into English or German, if the originals are not in English or German

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