Bharath Muthuswamy Paran

2 months ago

Opinion on Universities

I have received an admit from the following universities.

2. Rutgers - Camden
3. Texas State University
4. University of Southern Mississippi

Kindly please share your opinion on which University would be a better choice on all aspects.
#fall2022 #njit #rutgers #MSCS #texas


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Chinu Chinu

2 months ago

Texas State University is best option 🙂

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Ketan Patil Mentor_tag

2 months ago

Hi, NJIT MS CS will be a better option. Location, better academics and overall a much better option compared to the schools you mentioned. Living expenses will not be as high as NYC so that a plus too. For more information go through the following: Good luck. See more

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Siva Kesava Reddy

2 months ago

NJIT is best but expensive Texas State University is good & affordable Rutgers is not main campus, so forget about it Final decision is yours Best of luck 😉 See more