Sai Bharath Reddy Putlur

20 days ago

Education loan for MS

I have 6.6 cgpa with few backlogs and a 1 yearback in between, i have taken only Duolingo(125), I'm looking for non collateral loan with low to none processing fee and low interest rate as possible... Pls suggest me some finances, thanks in advance

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A D Mentor_tag

19 days ago

Hi, Everyone looks for the best terms but that doesn't mean they will get the terms that they want. If the non-collateral loan gets you a high-interest rate then you might want to consider a collateral loan. So, also adding the collateral loan details. The loan amount and the rate of interest depend on the profile of an applicant. Being a fall 2022 applicant, here is what I found during my loan re... See more