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When to Start Preparing for GMAT: Know About When to Start GMAT Preparation for High Scores

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The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, is a regulated business school admission exam that is often required as part of the selection process for MBA and business-oriented programs. It is a computer-based test with sections on verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, integrated thinking, and analytical writing, with a time limit of three and a half hours.

But when to start studying for GMAT? Exam takers sometimes prepare for weeks, months, and even years. Everyone has a different pace and understanding. Some take a year and learn at a slow pace, some might even study for a month. So if you are worried about when should you start studying for the GMAT, this blog will guide you the right way.

In this article, we will discuss when to start GMAT preparation and details of related aspects.

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What is the Right Time to Prepare for GMAT?

To answer the question of when to start preparing for GMAT, you need to keep in mind certain things. Firstly, you should give yourself plenty of time before you appear for the exam. It is very important to manage your time well to do well in each of these sections. Time management is among the most crucial skills to master when taking any exam. If you don't manage your time well, you may miss questions and lose points unnecessarily. 

So, having a timetable will help you navigate your time without allowing you time to worry about wasteful things. Instead of starting at the last minute, opt to take the GMAT test when you have ample time to prepare and practice. 

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How and When Should I Start Preparing for GMAT?

It is critical to practice for the GMAT exam to achieve a high score. However, at times students are perplexed with regard to GMAT preparation. In situations like this, we require assistance and guidance to show us the right path. So, here are some simple steps to take as you begin preparing for your GMAT exam:

  1. Make yourself as acquainted with the exam format so that you know what to expect on the test day. This will help in minimizing your tension and make you feeling less intimidated when presented with the official GMAT exam questions.
  2. Learn about the distinct sections, the question types inside each section, and what each question type requires of you. 
  3. Review the answer solutions for the questions on your mock test that you had difficulty with to identify your shortcomings. More time should be spent on honing your deficiencies and reviewing relevant abilities than on everything else.
  4. Attempting practice tests come in beneficial here. The more you practice before the exam, the easier you will be able to get things done on test day.
  5. Determine which fundamentals you need to improve once you've identified your shortcomings.
  6. While adhering to the fundamentals of your original strategy, make sure to change it as you advance. Change your timetable according to your progress.

These few pointers will help you get started in the right direction. But now the big question arises, when should you start preparing for GMAT?

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When to Start Preparing for GMAT?

There is nothing as right time as to when should I start studying for the GMAT question. It varies from individual to individual depending on the their capabilities and career plans. Time however, is an important factor here. Let us get more insights about it below:

  • You should plan your tests so that you have ample time to retake them before the application process begins. Let us now assume that you intend to apply, typically during the September/October intake at various universities. Most universities' applications typically start 10 - 12 months before admission and continue until around 4 months before. As a result, we recommend that you write the tests before the session in which you plan to enroll.
  • You should allow yourself at least two and no more than four months to prepare for the GMAT. A minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 4 months of prep time is desirable, depending on your speed and level of confidence with the various components of the tests.
  • If you want to be sure and do not want any contingencies at the time of the admission process, give the GMAT exam 14 months before the admission because this way you will be able to retake the test if it doesn’t go your way in the first attempt.

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To conclude, when to start GMAT preparation depends on individual capacities. For GMAT preparation, the perfect study plan must be matched with the proper attitude. It is vital to build solid study habits, stick to your strategy, and identify areas where you are lacking when studying for the GMAT exam. For more guidance and assistance, sign up for our Yocket Premium services now!


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