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TOEFL Practice Tests & Sample Papers: Helpful Resources to Practice for TOEFL Test

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The Test of English as a Foreign Language, popularly known as TOEFL, is designed for the non-native English speakers aspiring to study in English-speaking universities. If you have plans to appear for the TOEFL, then you must make your practice top-notch. And keep yourself determined in order to crack the exam with excellent scores.

Taking TOEFL practice test will aid you towards achieving your goal. It'll help you learn about the question types that appear in the exam and check your day-to-day progress during the preparation days. 

In this article, you will find an exhaustive list of helpful TOEFL Practice Tests as well as other TOEFL prep resources.

114/120 In TOEFL with a 4 day preparation

Overview of TOEFL Exam Pattern  

Before getting started with the TOEFL practice test, having a detailed understanding of the exam pattern is of utmost important. This will help you prepare an effective study plan and pull off your goal score in TOEFL exam paper.

If you're not yet familiar with the TOEFL exam pattern, then learn about it here through the table below.


Number of Questions

Time Duration


30-40 questions

54-72 minutes


28-39 questions

41-57 minutes



10 minutes


4 tasks

17 minutes


2 tasks

50 minutes

TOEFL Practice Test Papers

ETS, the organizing body for TOEFL provides the following Free TOEFL Practice Tests:

           You can download its PDF here.

TOEFL Sample Test by Magoosh

Magoosh, one of the leading and trusted names in the realm of test prep, has provided a free TOEFL practice test. This can be another helpful addition to your arsenal of TOEFL sample paper and Prep Resources.

You can check out the test here.

TOEFL Resources

The official TOEFL Test Prep provides some of the most useful resources to prepare for the TOEFL test example. Referring to these resources, practicing dedicatedly and sticking to an effective study plan can help you get your target score.

TOEFL Go!® Official App 

This is an official TOEFL test preparation app by the ETS. Through this app, you can practice the core English language skills you want. Also, you will be able to prepare with resources developed by the experts who create and administer the TOEFL question paper.

TOEFL iBT Test Prep Planner

The TOEFL Planner comes with a test Preparation Plan. It also provides activities that you could do to build your skills. Comprising 7 chapters, it gives you in-depth knowledge about techniques to prepare for the TOEFL exam sample paper.


These are free face-to-face TOEFL Talks that consist of seminars or online webinars. It also gives you the option to choose the location for these seminars near you.

Following are the key information shared during TOEFL Talks.

  • Overview of the TOEFL iBT Test

  • TOEFL test advantage

  • How to use your TOEFL scores

  • How to register for the test

  • Test preparation tools       

TOEFL iBT Test Prep Course

This TOEFL preparation course can help the test takers to comprehensively improve their English language skills. The instructors of the course guide you through each section of the TOEFL test example.

  • They use past test questions that will explain the kind of questions you can expect in the test.

  • The course is an interactive one, including videos, short quizzes, sample questions with explanations and collaborative discussion boards.

  • Students enrolled in this course also get access to real test materials from past tests.

  • Plus, they will get tips from the experts to prepare for the TOEFL test, including ways to manage time during the test.



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