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Rohan Deshmukh

Are you planning to appear for your GRE test and crack the business school of your dreams? If your answer is yes, you are undoubtedly in the right place! Studying for the GRE can be really stressful. There are so many things to do and somehow no amount of time is enough! The number of resources, too, are endless! 

GRE is not your regular run-of-the-mill exam. There is no mugging up formula or rote-learning the meaning of words – a lot of what is tested is your general aptitude in Maths and English. Basically, most of the stuff is based on what you already know! All you need to do is figure out your current level of understanding, chalk out a prep-plan, smoothen the rough edges and ace the exam!  

So, before you even decide to start your GRE Prep journey, a decent way to begin is to check where you stand currently – how good or bad you are in the various topics and sub-topics. One way to do it, is to attempt a full-length GRE mock and test the waters for yourself.  

To help you do so, Yocket has recently launched ‘Super Tests’, which is its first offering under the complete GRE-Prep product called ‘Yocket Prep’ (to be launched with more features soon).  ‘Super Tests’ are free full-length GRE styled practice  tests with a score report and detailed solutions. 




You can use this free resource to either get started on your prep-journey or measure your periodic progress. Some of the features of ‘Super Tests’ include -  

1.2 Free full-length GRE practice tests 

2.GRE style section Adaptive Algorithm 

3.Instant Test Score Report 

4.Free solutions for the test 

5.Timed & untimed tests to practice strategically 

When so many features are freely available in one place, why not use them to the fullest? So, sign in with Yocket today and become a part of the largest community of study abroad aspirants. Our expert counselors ensure you a smooth journey and a rewarding study abroad experience. 

Take the tests and let us know how we can help you further in your prep journey. You can reach out to us at saaket.chawali@yocket.in or sandeep.dash@yocket.in  

 Always by your side and wishing a 340/340 for you!  

Team Yocket  


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