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GRE Accepting Universities in Canada for MBA: What is the GRE Score for MBA in Canada?

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GRE is one of the exams required for admission to master's programs at universities worldwide, including Canada. GRE General Test scores are given utmost importance for business and management courses.

MBA programs in Canada are highly competitive, and students willing to study management in the country can strengthen their candidature by scoring high in the GRE exam. Therefore, a high GRE score for MBA in Canada can definitely do you wonders! And if you ask-”Is GRE required for MBA in Canada?”, our answer will be a Yes, if you want to get admitted into some of the top Canadian B-schools! Now let us make you explore some of the best GRE accepting universities in Canada for MBA, and a lot more in the blog below!

Table of Contents

  1. Importance of GRE to Study MBA in Canada
  2. Top GRE Accepting Universities in Canada for MBA
  3. GRE Score Requirements for MBA in Canada
  4. GRE Cut-Off for Specific Programs

Importance of GRE to Study MBA in Canada

If you're wondering if the GRE score for MBA in Canada is required for admissions, the answer is YES! Though not mandatory, colleges use GRE results to determine admission to graduate programs. Many universities accept it as an alternative to GMAT results. Some colleges may have cut-offs for GRE scores, while others may have minimum requirements.

  • Most Canadian schools and universities have admission standards that include GRE scores, IELTS/TOEFL scores, Letter of Recommendation (LOR), Statement of Purpose (SOP), and other things. However, studying for an MBA without a GRE score is conceivable in Canada, as some MBA universities offer programs that do not require a GRE score.
  • While seeking the GRE test, students need to prepare for Verbal Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. However, this test segment falls under the GRE General Test for those seeking admission in Management, Law, or any other area.

The GRE Subject Test assesses applicants’ ability for graduate subjects. Some GRE Subject Tests have sub-scores that show additional information about a student's strengths and weaknesses.

Other reasons why is GRE required for MBA in Canada are:

  • GRE scores for the MBA program are objective, which helps the admission committee examine the student's overall capability. The GRE tests are provided as research-based assessments that have been developed in the management world.
  • The GRE Subject Test offers sub-scores that provide detailed information about a student's strengths and weaknesses in different areas. With the correct GRE score in hand, students can track which MBA course would suit perfectly for their better career.
  • Also, with the GRE score, students can chalk down GRE accepting colleges in Canada for MBA. Moreover, it helps to check if the university is worth enough to study for higher studies.

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Top GRE Accepting Universities in Canada for MBA

Toronto skyline

Let us now move on to discover some of the top GRE accepting universities in Canada for MBA:


GRE Score Required

QS World University Ranking 2022

University of Toronto

Verbal- NA

Quantitative- 168

AWA-  3.5


McGill University

Verbal-  130-170

Quantitative-  163

AWA- 4.5


University of Western Ontario

Verbal- 158

Quantitative-  168



The University of British Columbia

Verbal- 155

Quantitative-  160



University of Alberta

Verbal- NA

Quantitative-  155

AWA- 4.0


McMaster University

Verbal- 159

Quantitative-  160

AWA- 4.0


Queen’s University

Verbal- 160

Quantitative- 163



Concordia University

Verbal -170

Quantitative-  150



York University

Overall score of  309


Quebec University

Equivalent to GMAT – 570


Brock University

Verbal- 155

Quantitative-  167

AWA-  3.5


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GRE Score Requirements for MBA in Canada

The minimum GRE score for MBA in Canada is around 280-300 which is valid for five years.  The score is further divided into different sections:

  • Verbal Reasoning- 150
  • Quantitative Reasoning- 163
  • Writing Analysis- 4.0

A promising score for MBA in Canada with GRE is around 300 or higher. You need to have an average score in each section that can help in getting admission to a reputed university in Canada for MBA.

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GRE Cut-off for Specific Programs

Although there are no specific cut-offs for any MBA course, for MBA in Canada with GRE, some universities may ask for specific GRE scores. Some MBA in Canada disciplines with specific GRE cut-offs may include:

  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Business Analysis

Students with higher GRE scores than the predetermined cut-off have a better chance of being admitted to GRE accepting universities in Canada. Students should verify with the respective university to determine the precise GRE score needed for the course.

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The answer to-”Is GRE accepted for MBA in Canada?”, is definitely Yes! GRE accepting colleges in Canada for MBA are available in high volume, and attract students from international boundaries. We would recommend having high GRE scores in order to get admitted into top GRE accepting colleges in Canada for MBA! If you need more assistance on the GRE score for MBA in Canada, you can also book a free consultation call with Yocket!

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