Jai Bhimani

2 months ago

Education Loans for studying in UK.

Hi guys, I am planning to study abroad in UK at University of Leicester. I was looking for education loans aswell for the same. I have heard that loans only from Nationalised banks are approved? If from non Nationalised banks then we have to take disbursement of loan into one of Nationalised banks and have to wait 28 day so that they get mature for UK visa purposes. And also can some one share the names of banks that provide competitive and affordable loan rates.

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A D Mentor_tag

2 months ago

Hi, I am not an expert but the last I read was that there was a list of banks that are approved for the UK visa. The list contained both private and public national banks. You can easily find the list on the web. I am not sure on the 28 days rule. It's best if you connect by DM with people who have finalized going to the UK. They might be able to help you more. See more