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GRE General Test Fee Updated for Test Takers in India

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The Graduate Record Examination or GRE, is one of the most popular standardised admissions tests worldwide and aids students in getting admission to graduate programs at prestigious universities. According to data from the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which administers the test internationally, India had the second-highest number of GRE test takers worldwide between 2016 and 2021 after the US, with 70,136 examinees. And ETS has some major updates for GRE test takers in India. From November 1, 2022, the cost of the GRE general test will increase from 213 USD to 228 USD. The cost of the GRE subject test is the same everywhere which is 150 USD.

Key Highlights of the Update

  • GRE General Test fee will increase by 15 USD (1,235 INR) worldwide, costing 228 USD (18,800 INR for test takers in India.
  • The cost for Additional Score Reports will also increase to 30 USD (2473 INR) worldwide.
  • The fee for the GRE Subject Tests Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Literature and Psychology) will remain the same i.e., 150 USD (12,300 INR).
  • The increase in test fees is the first for the GRE in the past three years.
  • The update is effective from November 1, 2022, aspirants can register for the exam with the existing fee till Oct 31, 2022

What is GRE Exam Fees in India for Additional Services?

In addition to the GRE registration fee, you may have to pay further for any additional services that you might opt for, such as an additional score reports fee, rescheduling fee, etc.

Here is an overview of all the costs required when applying for the GRE test. Students are advised to use the current exchange rate to find the exam cost of GRE in Indian Rupees.


Fees in USD

Fees in INR

GRE standard test administration fee


18,800 INR

GRE subject test


12,300 INR

Rescheduling GRE test


4,100 INR

Changing your test centre


4,100 INR

Changing your subject test


4, 100 INR

Additional score reports


2,500 INR

Questions and answer review service


4, 100 INR

Score review for analytical writing measure


5,000 INR

Score review for subject test


4,100 INR

Score reinstatement fee


4, 100 INR

How to Pay for GRE Exam Fees in India?

ETS permits you to remit your GRE exam fees in different ways. The generally accepted modes of payment classically depend on whether you choose to appear for the computer-delivered tests or the paper-delivered tests.

The accepted modes of payment are:

  • Paypal
  • Credit/Debit Card (Diners Club International, American Express, MasterCard, Rupay Global, UnionPay, and Visa)
  • Money Order/Certified Check/Voucher
  • E-Check Service (drawn against U.S. bank accounts only)

So, these are the following ways to make payment for GRE exam fees in India. Furthermore, to get good scores and practise well for GRE, you can also check our premium package of GRE Prep Plus Plan, costing INR 99/- only for 3 months. It will not only boost your scores but also provide 4 Mini and 3 Full-length GRE® Mock Tests with timed/untimed modes & much more features too.

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