Juveria Anjum

3 months ago

My profile CGPA:- 8.17( Bachelor's in pharmacy) Ielts :- 6 (L-5, R-6. 5,W-6, S-6. 5) Suggest some best universities for M. S IN Health Informatics And M. S in public health And is duolingo accepted for spring 2023 ?

Thanks in advance 😊!


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Vatsal Shah

2 months ago

Hey You can try long Island University for health programs.

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Arjun Aravind

2 months ago

Hey! You can try out some decent universities for Public health like: Ohio State uni, University of Maryland, Penn State, Colorado SPH, Temple Uni, UMBC, Oregon State, SUNY-B, U Cincinnati and more. You can try the same unis for health administration as well, along with New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Memphis, University of New Haven, Florida State Uni, etc. Try out the college f... See more

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