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What is Yocket Premium?

At its core, Yocket Premium is a study abroad counselling service which comes with in-built live GRE coaching too.

However, what sets us apart is:

Tech Focus

We have built robust front-end and back-end systems, backed by AI to make our students’ and counsellors’ journeys simpler.


We began as a study abroad community. Over 60 million students have explored it, with 1.5 million actively participating as well.

Of course, these alone aren’t enough to meet every student’s needs. That’s why we have 100+ experienced counselors, test-prep coaches, document editors, financial advisors, and visa experts. They’ve helped 10,000+ students get into top universities, securing scholarships worth USD 15 million (120 crore INR).

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Are You Missing the Top University Edge?

Discover why and how to aim higher

Indians have a long tradition of studying abroad, from Mahatma Gandhi to nearly a million in 2022. Yet, 98% end up in far lower-ranked universities than their calibre. Why?

  1. Many of us don’t understand the importance of graduating from a top university, AND
  2. Most of us think it’s NOT possible to get into one.

Let us debunk both these for you –

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, yet many settle for any university suggested by their friends, family, or any tom-dick-and-harry consultant.

Here’s why you should strive for the best possible university for your profile:

1. Why is it important to graduate from a top ranked university?

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it well”

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. If it’s so obvious then why did only 2% of students choose top universities? While many don’t see the importance; those who do often don’t know how to achieve it.

But we know.

Acceptance rates of Indian colleges:

2. Can you really make it to a top university?

Acceptance rates abroad:

Clearly, it’s far easier to get into a top university abroad than at home, especially with Yocket (see our acceptance rates below).

Remember the 1 in 60 rule – in aviation, a 1-degree error leads to being off course by a mile after 60 miles. Similarly, one small mistake in selecting the right university or course can significantly impact your career path.

Yocket Acceptance Rate

On an average Yocketers have 3X more chances of landing a dream admit in top universities than through other consultancies or themselves

Harvard University

General Acceptance Rate: 5%

Yocket Acceptance Rate: 21%

Johns Hopkins University

General Acceptance Rate: 18%

Yocket Acceptance Rate: 51%

Columbia University

General Acceptance Rate: 15%

Yocket Acceptance Rate: 33%

Imperial College London

General Acceptance Rate: 15%

Yocket Acceptance Rate: 37%


General Acceptance Rate: 17%

Yocket Acceptance Rate: 27%

Cornell University

General Acceptance Rate: 15%

Yocket Acceptance Rate: 35%


General Acceptance Rate: 20%

Yocket Acceptance Rate: 52%

Uni of Pennsylvania

General Acceptance Rate: 15%

Yocket Acceptance Rate: 27%

Uni of Cambridge

General Acceptance Rate: 20%

Yocket Acceptance Rate: 41%

But, how do we do it?

Now, you must be wondering how’s that possible? Well, it’s no stroke of luck. We combined our counselors’ expertise with our 1 million+ admit/reject database to create a product that consistently delivers top admissions for our students.

TLDR version of how we do it –

1. Team of 6 experts

test prep coach, primary & secondary counsellors, document editor, Visa expert & financial advisor

2. Your dashboard

track your entire application journey & communicate with us right from your Yocket app or website

3. Our dashboard

our team is also able to keep track of your entire journey through their back-end dashboard

4. Mentorship

our community feeds data to our predictive algorithms and connects you with peers and seniors

University reps spend 7 to 8 minutes reviewing each application – the same application package which the student spent 300 to 500 hours getting ready!

Our seasoned counsellor will not only share the load of these 500 hours with you but also bring out your best in applications, suggest suitable universities and courses, and help you avoid that can cause a loss of an entire year or thousands of rupees.

Check out below documents to learn everything about our approach to counselling.

Don't trust Yocket …

… just because we say so. Instead, hear it from our happy students.

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Can you get into top uni by yourself?

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Study abroad application is no rocket science, and in all honesty you can do this by yourself. However, thousands of students do attempt to do it themselves each year, only to face the below problems eventually:

Self-(un)Selection Bias:

“My profile is not strong enough to crack a top-50 university, I will only apply to universities beyond 100th or 150th rank”

  • Misleading and overload of information:
  • “My friends say it’s better to avoid justifying my 3rd year backlogs scores through my illness issue in the SOP”
  • “First link on Google search says 15th Dec deadline and second link says 20th Dec”.
  • Not understanding university requirements clearly:
  • “Have I made the ATS and VPN application for German Institutes correctly?”
  • “GRE optional vs GRE blind universities”
  • Stress and Anxiety:
  • “What if my VISA gets rejected?”
  • “3 of my friends got XYZ admits, but I still haven’t heard back after 36 days …”
  • “My GRE is next week, and I am not prepared yet 😟”
  • Missed Opportunities:
  • “I didn’t know I was eligible for a scholarship at this university ”
  • “My university is asking for a GRE score, and I haven’t taken it!”
  • Unable to showcase achievements:
  • “I don’t have anything interesting to showcase in my SOP”
  • “How do I put all my achievements in a 2 page resume?”

Problem is that you’ll only realise a lot of things only after doing them, by which time it will be too late. Counsellors have the experience of hundreds of students, and the Yocket Premium platform collectively has experience of tens of thousands of students. Learn from their mistakes, rather than making yours first. This is too crucial to make mistakes and then learn.

Some of the most important benefits of availing a counselling service:

  • Strategy: getting into top universities requires a well planned strategy, which only an experienced counsellor can form
  • Coach: just getting a gym membership won’t make you fit; a trainer who makes sure you work-out will. A counsellor is your coach who will make sure you work towards that coveted admit.
  • Save money during applications: save thousands of rupees by not applying to wrong universities, avoiding visa rejections, avoiding taking tests multiple times, etc.
  • Save money in your education: save lakhs of rupees in your course fees by improving the chances of getting a scholarship drastically and through better interest rates on education loans.
  • Save time: by outsourcing some of your work to counsellor you save time; but more importantly by getting right admits or avoiding visa rejections, you can prevent wasting an entire semester or even a year.
  • Cheerleader: this journey can be an emotional rollercoaster ride. Counsellors will be there to always support you, listen to you, motivate you and soothe your anxieties.


Remember, there are no extra points for playing life on hard mode.

Counsellors are an easy mode. Take it. Your goal is not to learn and do the process yourself, but to get into a good university and study.

There are 3 types of counsellors out there:

  1. Premium (like Yocket where you pay for the services – generally upwards of Rs 30,000)
  2. Agents (where you don’t pay anything or pay a minimal amount to the service provider, but they make money from the universities)
  3. YOU (or your friends / family) – if you are doing the process by yourself then you are your own counsellor


Yocket Premium

Other counsellors (paid services)

Dedicated counsellor + team of 5-6 experts allowing room for review of opinions

Dependence on single counsellor risking errors and limited opinions due to one person knowing all

Specialised editing service that involves reviewing, guidance and mentoring that shapes unique and winning SOPs for every student

Promise to write the entire SOP, LORs ending up with unioriginal and stereotype applications

Multiple brainstorming sessions to help students bring out their best stories and showcase achievements 

One sided questionnaire based approach/ single one on one counselling session 

Organised database of 90,000+ courses from 2500+ universities, their deadlines, fees, application process and more + tools to access this data for the counsellors and students

Human dependance for manually checking this data from university websites

Access to 1 mn+ Alumni network

Access to no or a small alumni network

Premium Dashboard for students to help them shortlist universities, manage documents, interact with alumni and community, build SOPs with AI, get notified before deadlines

No additional features and all communications through email, docs and spreadsheets

In built GRE & IELTS Prep + Product with online live classes

Additional Expensive GRE / IELTS offline coaching

Experience a 20-50 difference in the rank of admit university with Yocket Premium.

“If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.”

Yocket Premium

Agents (free services)

Unbiased counselling keeping students interests first

Suggesting partner universities only limiting student potential 

Focus on taking students to top ranked universities 

Focus on taking students to partner universities 

Focus on building high quality applications

More focus on application completion  & visa services 

End to end service with best VISA, Educational Loan and Forex services

More focus on application completion & visa services

Counsellors with track record of previous IVY league and other top university admits

Counsellors with high quantity of partner admits

Experience a 100+ difference in the rank of admit university with Yocket Premium.

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Yocket Premium

DIY (student themselves or friends / family)

Seasoned Counsellors and database of 10k + admits help gauge student ability accurately 

Self diagnosis leads to incorrect selection of universities 

Clearly defined admission gameplan

Confusion due to multiple opinions from friends / family and the internet. 

No chance of missed opportunities such as scholarships or receiving rejects because of unclear university requirements 

Admission rejects because of misunderstanding university requirements 

Successfully fill profile gaps and showcase achievements to admissions committee  

Unable to justify backlogs or change of streams successfully and inability to display achievements effectively 

Well oiled machinery to get you the best admit

Have to figure out each and everything yourself – deadlines, fees, course options, application process, visa etc.

Counsellor is your coach and cheerleader to keep you determined and focused throughout

Lack of motivation; anxiety and panic in many situations

Usually end up with 50-100 university rank improvement 

Wrong decisions leading to time, money opportunity wasted because of sub par or no admits

Each of our counsellors have helped hundreds of students; our backend system has the data of thousands of successful students. Learn from their mistakes, instead of making your own.

Experience a 50-100 difference in the rank of admit university with Yocket Premium

“If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.”

The right question to ask is why are others not charging (or charging very little)?

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