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Updated on Sep 7, 2021


Please Note: 

We're sorry to say that Yocket's Admit predictor is currently unavailable as we are upgrading it. Meanwhile, try our College Finder to find ideal universities that fit you.

If you’re applying for a master's degree, you probably know what you want to do in the near future. You have certain goals set, certain subjects in mind that you wish to study, and some research options that you might want to take up! The university you go to has a major impact on all of this, after all, that name is going to add to your identity for the rest of your life. You should find a course that matches your research and study expectations.

Once you have your heart set on a list of courses, you might want to find out the chances of you getting in. That is where Yocket’s Admit Predictor comes into play.

Yocket’s Admit Predictor acts as a university predictor for MS in USA and other countries, that  allows you to predict the probability of attaining a specific course in the given university.

Before you start using this admit predictor, you should perform a Profile Evaluation that would give you a list of universities based on your profile, which you should surely aim for. 

Lastly, when you have applied to certain universities, you can connect with other students having the same university applications, which would help you track admits and rejects. 


What is Yocket’s Admit Predictor?

Yocket’s Admit Predictor is an algorithm that works on previous data as well as course requirements. It predicts the percentage chance of you getting an admit from a university’s course.


We make use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools to implement pattern recognition algorithms on historical data to generate a percentage probability of your profile getting an admit from a university for a specified course.


Too complicated? Let us explain what this means for you.

Basically, we have collected real-life relevant data(admits & rejects, exam scores, undergraduate results, etc.) from your seniors and used it to implement an algorithm that helps us predict the percentage chance of you getting an admit.

Now, of course, since this is an artificial intelligence algorithm it only gives approximate answers. The algorithm learns more as the user information provided to it increases. It’s so data-hungry :/

This is where YOU come into play. Keep your Yocket profile up to date and encourage all your friends to make profiles and keep them updated as well.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that this tool is just a measurement service available for users. It, in no way, represents the university’s actual decision-making process. We simply use the information your seniors gave us over the course of 7-10 years and identify patterns. Our admit predictor is not to be used as a criterion for admission, even if it shows that you have a 98% chance of getting in. You should pursue a course because you want to do it, not because it’s easy to get into!

A tip we can give to help increase your chances of getting an admit is to pump your profile and SOP. Make your case so unique that the university will want you to take admission!


How to use the admit predictor?

First and foremost, you need to be registered on Yocket. The admit predictor calculates the percentage chance of you getting an admit based on various aspects of your Yocket profile, like your academic information, projects, test scores, etc. You can update your profile by going here.


Once you have registered on Yocket, you can access the admit predictor by going to the website and opening the University’s Review page and clicking on the name of the course of your choice. A detailed page of the course description opens. On the top, you will notice that a number appears like this:



So, according to the above example, the chances of the profile I entered getting into Carnegie Mellon University’s MS Computer Science program are 4.52%. Similarly, a calculated value will appear for other programs as well.


Some important points to note about the admit predictor are:

  • Our admit predictor does not represent a university decision in any way. It is simply a measurement tool for you!

  • Predictions may not appear for all courses as we may not have sufficient data for that course. It’s a constant effort to make the tool reliable for which a minimum threshold of past data is expected and if we do not have enough data for the course, we do not make any predictions about it.

  • Currently, it is only available for universities in the US.

  • It is available only on the website.

  • Our admit predictor is still in its BETA phase. To help improve it, we need to provide it with more data! As the saying goes, a machine learning algorithm can never have too much data!!

Why use Yocket’s admit predictor?


We make use of information left behind by your seniors, unwittingly, and find patterns in this data. You can make these predictions yourself but that would involve checking all the admits and rejects yourself for 7-10 years and noting down their profiles, maintaining an excel sheet, carrying out complex calculations and dodging all the million error possibilities to get an accurate result. This would take you anywhere between a few months to a few years, right?

Our machine learning algorithm churns data and identifies all patterns to give out approximate answers for your queries. So, it does all the hard work for you!!

Therefore, the Admit Predictor on Yocket will help you to select the universities wisely. It is based on past profiles of other Yocketers who have received an admit or reject, and in doing so, they have given you this gift. A gift that you will be passing on to your juniors.

Since all the data is derived from Yocket’s community, we can be sure that all the data used is authentic and real.

Plus, it’s free, easy to use and gives you a rough idea of where you stand in terms of admits, so why not?

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Tip: For more accurate results, fill a more detailed profile on the Yocket app. Also, discover more networking options, refined search results, and many more exclusive features on the app!


P.S. As a Yocket user, it is up to YOU to help us improve this data-hungry tool! The data that you provide will help in the improvement of this tool for the future community! Do help us and the future community of Yocket! Also, if you have any queries regarding Admit Predictor, feel free to write to us at support@yocket.in


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