Why Work Experience is important for an MBA Abroad?

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Updated on Apr 30, 2021


Almost every student in management today dreams to pursue an MBA either from India or from abroad. MBAs today, has become an essential part of the company. They possess the knowledge and skills required to run a company successfully.

Many MBA colleges abroad and in India ask for work experience before admission. While some colleges don’t, it is beneficial and recommended to have work experience before joining an MBA program.

Business schools look for qualities such as leadership, teamwork, management skills, and ability to take calculative risk in an applicant.   

But why is it important to have a work experience for an MBA abroad? Let’s find out!

To begin with-

  1. It helps you to clarify what you want in your career –  
    Work experience will help you to experiment with different fields in career. So, when you decide to do the MBA, you will be clear and plan better regarding what you want to achieve from this program and which field you want to specialise in. You will have clearer vision with respect to your career goals and objectives in your life.
  2. Makes you more independent –
    An MBA program will train you through all sorts of pressure and situations both in personal and professional life. People who have dealt with these situations in the past during work life will be able to better adapt to these tough situations.
    Work experience makes you independent and teaches you how to be self-reliant and deal with these tough situations. Hence, it is better to have some experience before the MBA. This might also be the reason why, so many B-Schools ask for prior work experience.
  3. Acquiring of essential soft skills –
    Working environment provides the most important soft skills that are vital for the professionalism and proper code of conduct in the organisation. These skills include communication skills, collaboration & team work, presentation skills, etc. that are essential elements for the development of corporate personality.
  4. Better financial stability –
    Full-time MBA program requires you to stay away from the job market for about 2 years. This means you may not earn a salary but focus all your time and energy to academics. So by having a prior work experience you can sustain on the savings you made during the job.
    Also, the tuition fees for MBA courses is a huge amount and require proper financing. If a person uses his savings from his previous jobs the burden can be reduced.
    Thus, it is advised to work prior enrolling in to the MBA program.
  5. Bridges the gap between undergraduate college life and corporate MBA life-
    Working for a while helps you to adjust to the transition from college life to the corporate MBA life. It lets you come out of your comfort zone and adjust to the new competitive environment.
    Working individuals have an idea of how the MBA life is going to be thus they can work and adapt to such an environment much better as compare to fresh graduates.
  6. Competitive Edge over other –
    Work experience gives you a great competitive advantage over other students. In this competitive world everyone is equipped with great skills and a greater degree, therefore, the work experience plays a better competitive advantage for the students.
    B-Schools also consider the students with a higher work experience. Thus, work experience plays a vital role here as well.    

Hope that this was enough to convince you why work experience is so important before enrolling in to MBA program.

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