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How to Calculate SGPA: Formula & Conversion to Percentage

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Universities around the world, and particularly in the US use the GPA grading system. This involves CGPA (Cumulative GPA), which is counted for the whole course, and SGPA, known as the Semester Grade Point Average. To achieve a higher CGPA, it is important to secure a good SGPA. But why do students need a good GPA?

To get into the top-ranked universities! Not only that, if you have a good CGPA, you can also get the best scholarships! Before you start applying to your dream schools, you should know the basics of such conversions. In this guide, we will look into how to calculate an SGPA, how to convert CGPA from SGPA, and how to convert SGPA into a percentage.

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What is SGPA? 

SGPA, short for Semester Grade Point Average, is the grade point average that is calculated at the end of every academic semester at college

How to Calculate Your SGPA?

To understand academic performance, it is important to calculate SGPA in each semester. Let us first understand some of the key terms:

Semester: The academic year is split up into one or more semesters, or sessions, where colleges and universities provide particular courses or sections of courses. 

Grade Point: Throughout a semester, you receive grade points for each course you take. This grade reflects your performance on the test. It also reflects your understanding of the subject. 

Credit Points: Each course has a set amount of credit points. You need to take different courses to get a certain amount of credit points to finish the program.

Steps to calculate your SGPA:

Step 1 : Identify the credit points assigned to each course you took in the semester.

Assumption of Credit points in the subjects:

  • Subject A: 2
  • Subject B: 3
  • Subject C: 3

 Step 2 : Obtain your grade points for all the courses in that semester.

Assumption of Grade Points in each subject: 

  • Subject A: 9
  • Subject B: 7.8
  • Subject C: 8

 Step 3 : Multiply the credit points and grade points for each course.

Multiplication of Credit Points with Grade Points:

  • Subject A: 2*9 = 18
  • Subject B: 3*7.8 = 23.4
  • Subject C: 3*8 = 24

 Step 4 : Add up the products obtained in step 3 for all the courses.

The sum of all the products: 18 + 23.4 + 24 = 65.4

  1. Divide the sum calculated in Step 4 by the total number of credit points for the semester.

Aggregate all the credit points: 2 + 3 + 3 = 8

SGPA calculation formula

The simple formula to calcuate your SGPA is the summing of all the products and then dividing by the aggregate of credit points.

Say, 65.4/8 = 8.175

CGPA to GPA conversion US

What is the Difference Between CGPA and SGPA

Cumulative Grade Point Average or CGPA, is a prominent method of score calculation in colleges and schools used at the end of the academic year. Following is the difference between CGPA and SGPA. 

  • The main difference between the two is that CGPA is calculated at the end of the academic year/ or the end of the complete course, whereas SGPA is calculated at the end of each semester/session. 
  • CGPA is used as the major grading system by universities/ schools, whereas SGPA is part of that grading system. 
  • Performance in SGPA can directly impact the calculation of CGPA. 

This information must have clarified the difference between CGPA and SGPA. Next, let’s explore how to convert SGPA to CGPA. 

Guide on USA grading system

But what if you require a percentage for your GPA? Let’s take a look at it. 🔎

How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?

Many colleges globally ask for a certain percentage cutoff to take admission to a particular course. However, if your results are in CGPA or SGPA, you must know how to convert them to percentages. This will help you avoid miscalculations and apply for a particular program without delay. 

Formula to convert SGPA into a percentage

The simple formula to convert SGPA to percentage is (SGPA*10) - 7.5

Example: If you have to calculate the SGPA of a single semester into a percentage, say the SGPA is 8: (8*10) - 7.5 = 82.5%

However, if you wish to convert two semester’s SGPA to percentage, say the SGPAs are 8 and 7.5, first calculate the average: 8 + 7.5/ 2 = 7.25

Next, apply the SGPA to percentage conversion formula: (7.25*10) - 7.5 = 65%

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From the Desk of Yocket

Knowing how to convert between SGPA, CGPA and percentages is an essential skill. It will come in handy multiple times when you’re applying to a foreign university. Most universities in the USA will need the CGPA, but some may also require you to convert them in percentage. Always make sure to check the GPA requirements, before applying to a university. 

If you need more clarity on how to convert them, speak with a Yocket’s expert. With 15+ years of experience, the study-abroad experts at Yocket are here to help you. Whether it is about the conversion from SGPA to (%), or about which universities will be the best fit for you - Yocket has the right strategy to find out all. Explore Yocket Premium to know more.

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