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GRE Test Day Tips: Things to Keep in Mind on GRE Exam Day

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GRE General Test is a consistent test created and administered by the educational testing service, commonly known as ETS; the exam is planned to measure overall academic readiness for graduate school. If you assume a good GRE score, you must thoroughly analyse and assess the grad schools you are dreaming of applying to.

Quant and Verbal sections of the exam are scaled on a range between 130-170. The average GRE score for verbal reasoning is 151, and for GRE, quantitative reasoning is 154. To help you get the best exam score, we have included some GRE exam day tips that you can follow to prepare for GRE.

  Table of Contents:

  1. Tips for GRE Test Day for International Students
  2. 5 GRE Last Day Tips for Students
  3. Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Test Day Tips

Tips for GRE Test Day for International Students

Many grad programs ask international students to submit GRE scores, including master's, PhD and professional degree programs in various disciplines, extending from liberal arts subjects to technical fields. So, to make sure you follow the best GRE exam day tips, we have listed below some pointers that students can go through:

1. Manage Your Time Properly

The important GRE test day tips is to manage your time properly. If you’ve practised spending one-and-a-half minutes per quantitative question, don’t unexpectedly start spending five minutes or more on a given question. If you can’t answer a question in the allotted amount of time, quickly select any answers, take your best-educated guess from the enduring answer choices, mark the question for review, and move on.

2. Spend Time Oiling Your Brain

Your brain, too, needs to unwind just as your body does. This helps in enhancing your focus, attention span and information retention. Taking a mock test, a day before the exam can be counterproductive. Also, the last 48 hours are not suitable for gathering new information; rather, it is time to consolidate the information already gathered.

3. Do Easy Questions First

All the sub-section in GRE is worth the same number of points. So, when you encounter a question on test day that seems confusing or hard, skip it. Use the marking function to indicate that you didn’t answer it, and move on to the next question. Then, after you’ve made your first pass through the subsection and gotten all the easy points, complete your marked questions.

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4. Refresh Information on Exam Format

You might have already acquainted yourself with GRE structure and pattern, but it is always a good idea to refresh your information so that you can easily anticipate test patterns, be mentally prepared and anticipate probable test comprehension glitches.

5. Study the Essays Before Test Day

The two essays in the analytical writing section can be one of the most intimidating parts of the GRE, but they’re also one of the easiest parts to prepare for. There is a possibility that all the topics you could see in GRE AWA sample essay are available online.

6. No Eleventh Hour Cramming Up

The worst mistake one makes engaging in crazy cramming sessions a day prior to the exam. It is a time to organise your thoughts and mentally catalogue everything you have learned so far. The last-minute study does you more harm than good as your brain needs some time to assimilate fresh information and reproduce it at the right time.

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5 GRE Last Day Tips for Students

The race has been long, and you have come very close to the finishing line. You have poured all your energies into meticulously planning for your exam, studied exhaustively and done countless revisions. Now it's time to keep up with GRE last day tips that will help you to be arranged for the final exam day.

1. Make a List of Essentials to be Carried to the Centre

Remember to carry your duly signed legal photo id, admission ticket and additional clothing to the test centre. Carrying an extra layer can come in handy as the temperature at the centre may be lower than what your body is accustomed to.

2. Keep Instructions on Way to Tests Centres Handy

It always pays off to get directions to your test centre beforehand so that you are not ruffled with last-minute hassles of locating your centre. Also, keep some buffer time in hand for unpredictable traffic snarls.

3. Stay Calm

Taking the GRE can be a demanding experience, particularly when facing a remarkably difficult question or feeling like you’ve forgotten something you studied. But the key to success is to stay calm. Don’t let your brief discomfort curve out of control. Tell yourself that you can do it and that you’re doing boundless. Otherwise, you could lose focus, which could influence your score.

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4. Get a Comforting Night Sleep

In order to regulate your sleep-wake cycles, you ought to lay out a healthy sleep plan and religiously stick to it at least a week prior to your exam. Your mind needs to be fresh, alert and at peace on exam day, so make sure you retire to bed early the previous night. Taking unnecessary stress can lead to mental exhaustion and deplete your physical energy level.

5. Pack Up Your Things

Get all the things needed ready the night before the test. Don’t start stuffing right before you leave the house. Make a note of the things you will need for the test, i.e., your ID, any printouts, water bottle snacks, bag, etc.

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It is rightly said that calmness is the cradle of power. Cool and self-possessed mind is a sure-shot sign of a true winner. It is, therefore, important not to let your anxiety bouts overpower you. Make the most of your preparation by projecting a calm mindset and confidently putting your best foot forward. And if you want to know more about the GRE exam, sign up on Yocket and clear all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions about GRE Test Day Tips

Ques. What is GRE exam eligibility?

Ans. There are no precise GRE exam eligibility criteria as agreed by ETS. Anyone can register for this GRE exam, regardless of age or qualifications. However, international students applying for master's courses are needed to take their GRE test.

Ques. Which countries require GRE for masters?

Ans. Some of the best countries require GRE for masters are:

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Europe

Ques. How many hours study for GRE?

Ans. To get a good GRE score, you should be studying a minimum of 4 times per week, for an overall study time of around 12 hours.

Ques. Is IELTS exam mandatory for GRE?

Ans. Students appearing for the GRE exam also need to take TOEFL or IELTS tests to prove their English language proficiency.

Ques. Where is GRE useful?

Ans. Admissions boards use GRE scores to increase your recommendation letters, undergraduate records, and other qualifications for graduate-level study.