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Updated on Aug 23, 2021


As being a student in Ireland, you no longer requires a work permit for being employed informally for working 20 hours/week during the course and 40 hours/week during the vacation period (during the months of June, July, August and September and from 15th December to 15th January inclusive).

If possible, it is best if a student gets employed within the university campus, which cuts down the costs for travelling and makes more time available for the student to be within the university and hence, study longer for ones degree.


Working part time with full time course

International students enrolled for full-time courses, that are recognized by the IDES, do not require an additional work permit to work in the country. However, they do need to have the proper documentation to be able to gain employment.

According to Education Ireland's official portal, all international students equipped with a valid immigration stamp 2 are permitted to work 40 hours/week in Ireland, but only between June to September, and from December 15 to January 15 (holidays). During the rest of the year, international students holding the valid work document can work 20 hours/week (college days). All students are allowed to work till the expiration of the Immigration permission Stamp 2.

Students who wish to take up work in Ireland must obtain a Personal Public Services Number (PPS Number). An employer can only pay employees with a PPS number, and funds will usually only be paid to an Irish bank account. Students will also be required to comply with the Universal Social Contribution (USC), Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI), employment laws and taxation requirements.

It is normal to have a trial period before you are permanently hired. Ireland’s minimum wage is €9.15 per hour.


What kind of jobs can international students find?

1. Part-time jobs

As a part time job, you can take up a basic job, like serving at cafe or restaurant, working on campus, etc. The purpose of these jobs is just to earn a little extra money in your free time.

It is very difficult for a student with no experience to get a job even though it’s a part-time job in Ireland. The best way to get a part time job is for someone who was/is working at the establishment to recommend you for the post that you are applying for. Ireland is relatively small with sparse population, making it very difficult to find part time jobs. The best thing a student can do for reducing the economic burden while studying in Ireland, is to tutor for subjects that one is good at. If one is exceptionally good at the subject, the mentor of the course could employ one for teaching assistantships, which pay well and one doesn’t lose touch over the subject because one is constantly learning instead of doing menial jobs.


2. Internships

Students enrolled on courses on the Degree Programme are allowed to undertake an internship where this forms part of their programme. This is subject to the following rules.

  • The internship or work placement part of the programme cannot exceed 50% of the duration of the programme. In addition, the employment cannot be in a self employed capacity.

  • Work placements as part of an academic programme must form an integral part of the programme which contributes to the final award.

  • Educational facilities must also ensure that the placements are suited to the programme being pursued.


3. Working post-completion of the degree

An international student who has finished his/her course is allowed to work in Ireland informally (40 hrs/week) till the time he/she finds formal employment , for a period of one year after the completion of the degree for a NFQ 8 level course and above.  The student must have chosen a course with possible relevant experience for a job from the high skills list of jobs for Ireland. 

The technology industry is booming in Ireland as a lot of the major companies, like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc., have established headquarters in cities like Dublin and Cork. Therefore, for IT related fields, it is relatively easier to get a job due to abundance of available positions and not enough qualified people to fill these positions.

Therefore, Ireland is a good option for students who want to pursue these fields.


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