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Masters in Marketing in Australia: Know All About Pursuing MS in Marketing in Australia

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When you’re looking for courses to pursue abroad as an international student, marketing majors might sound compelling. For all the good reasons, a masters in marketing in Australia is a highly sought after degree. As a student, you learn the dynamic elements surrounding this ever changing world of marketing and you grow as a leader in the world of marketing and management.

Marketing is highly demanded everywhere you turn. Almost every industry you turn to needs a marketer. Everybody can create products and services, but they’re superfluous without a creative marketing campaign. The world of business is alive on the shoulders of marketers. And if you’re diligent in becoming that creative professional, an MS in marketing in Australia will do wonders for you! With your wit, creativity, and skill sets, you will bring dynamic growth to any firm you set foot into. Sounds intriguing right? Keep reading to know more! 

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A master in marketing management Australia will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to become an impeccable marketer. The country is already renowned for its prowess in the world of business and marketing. As you complete your post graduation from one of the best universities in the world, you get the opportunity to have brilliant job prospects and grow faster than ever as a professional.

Why Study MBA in Marketing in Australia?

Thousands of students immigrate to this country's continent every year to pursue their education in various fields. Statistically, Australia is among the top ten countries globally for masters in marketing in particular. Curious why? Let’s have a look at why a master in marketing management Australia will be one of your best decisions ever.

  1. Global networking opportunities: Australia is known for attracting thousands of students annually to study various courses at its universities. In an atmosphere like this, international students get exposure and mix with people from all around the world and develop a dense global network. This network helps them later on in their professional and educational life to prosper more as a person.
  2. Higher pay: Australia is a country known for its prowess in the field of business and marketing. It has been noticed that people with a masters earn 29% more than people with the bachelors in marketing in Australia. This implies that after completing your two to three years of masters from this country, you can expect your ROI to be super fast and your life as a professional grow.
  3. Best universities in the world: Australia is also known for housing some of the best universities globally, that have continuously ranked in the top hundreds for postgraduate education. With the country's multiple opportunities for scholarships for students, Australia becomes the best choice one could make while considering a study destination for post graduation.
  4. Diverse and accepting community: Australia is also famous for having an accepting community. International students will feel welcome and safe in the country as they go on to get their degree and look for a stable job in the same.

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Having learnt all the benefits and reasons for studying in Australia, let us look at the top universities in the country you can check out.

Top Universities for Masters in Masters in Australia

There are multiple university options in Australia. They are famous for post graduation courses in marketing and have been ranking consistently in the top digits in the world QS rank. 

The top five universities in Australia that you can get your marketing masters from without appearing for the GRE or GMAT test are: 

  • Curtin University
  • Monash University
  • Deakin University
  • University of Adelaide

However, few of the best universities in Australia for marketing only admit students after receiving a valid GRE or GMAT score card with the scores required. These include: 

  • University of NSW
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of the Queensland

Let us know about each of these top universities for masters in marketing in Australia, in detail: 

1. University of NSW

The UNSW is ranked 2nd in all of Australia and is among the top for master of marketing Sydney. You get exposure to a few of the top-ranked job opportunities after completing your masters in marketing from the UNSW and take away much more than education from this school.

QS World Ranking


Course offered

Master of Commerce

Master of Analytics (Online)

Fees in AUD (Annual)


73,560 (entire course)

Fees in INR (Annual)


37,85,124.33 (entire)




1.7-2 years

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2. University of Western Australia  

UWA is a vibrant place to study and live, known for its impeccable approach to education and world-class masters’ degrees. The university is among the most prestigious in the world, with an acceptance rate of 38%. 

QS World Ranking


Course offered

Master of Marketing

Fees in AUD (Total)


Fees in INR (Total)





1.5 years full time

3. University of Sydney

Regarded as one of the world’s leading universities, the University of Sydney is the oldest in Australia and widely known for its excellence in research and teaching. Over the years, Sydney University has birthed thousands of excellent alumni and it is one of the best options for masters in marketing Sydney.

QS World Ranking


Course offered

Master of Commerce

Master of Commerce (Extension)

Fees in AUD (Annual)


Fees in INR (Annual)





2 years

4. University of Melbourne

The world’s leader in education, training, and research, the University of Melbourne is Australia’s second oldest university and consistently ranks among the top in the world. The acceptance rate is a stunning 70%.

QS World Ranking


Course offered

Master of Management (Marketing)

Master of Marketing Communications

Master of Digital Marketing

Master of Marketing

Fees in AUD (Annual)

(by order of course)





Fees in INR (Annual)

(by order of course)








(by order of course)

2 years FT, 4 years PT

2 years FT

18 months FT 3 years PT

2 years PT

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5. University of Queensland

One of the six sandstone universities, the University of Queensland is a prestigious public research university with an acceptance rate of a shattering 40%.

QS World Ranking


Course offered

Master of Business: Marketing

Master of Business: Advertising

Fees in AUD (Annual)


Fees in INR (Annual)





2 years

You must be wondering what is the difference between so many masters in marketing courses, right? Let us make it easier for you.

Difference Between MBA and MS in Marketing Australia

The elementary difference between an MBA and a masters in marketing are huge if you go into the details. it is essential that you don’t pick just anything and decide smartly.


MBA in Marketing

Masters in Marketing

Course Structure

Includes a variety of B School subjects like finance and strategy.

Deep dived into marketing and terms related. Specified and dense.


More expensive

Less Expensive


2 years

1.5-3 years

Pay Range

121,118 AUD p/a

70,000 AUD p/a

Profiles after postgrad

Project manager, brand manager, marketing manager

Marketing analyst, assistant, marketing coordinator

Ideal For

Experienced candidates

Freshly graduated candidates

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An MBA is primarily for someone who has been professionally active and now knows which field is best for them to master in. 

On the other hand, a master in marketing is brilliant for you if you do not wish to break the flow of your education and want to pursue masters after bachelors immediately. This also helps you focus in just one field: yours, and makes you tantamount to a few other MBA graduates. It all eventually depends on your calibre.

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Course Curriculum of MSc Marketing Australia

The course curriculum for a basic masters in marketing degree in Australia is more or less the same. As you shift from an MBA to an MSc to a normal masters, there will be slight variations. However, the essential elements remain constant.

  • Duration: A masters in marketing Australia lasts for about 1.5 to 2 years in full time study. If you wish to take up a part time course, the degree will take up to 2-4 years of your time.
  • Core subjects: During your time as a marketing student, you will deal with numerous subjects like strategy, leadership, brand propagation, customer relations, customer choice, statistics, analytics, etc. Depending on your specialisation, you also get to study SEO, internet, digital marketing, social media marketing, advertising, etc.

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Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required for Master in Marketing management Australia

It is essential to acknowledge that getting admitted to a prestigious marketing masters university in Australia, you will have to complete certain eligibility criteria. These have been greatly divided into 3 quotients:

  • Bachelor's degree 
  • English language proficiency
  • Standardised test scores 
  • Work experience

Let us help you explore about each of these requirements in detail: 

Bachelor's Degree 

To apply to a masters in marketing program in Australia, it is important that you provide proof of computing previous elementary education including high school and an undergraduate degree. Different universities have different minimum score requirements from these institutions. You would have to provide the official transcripts of your previous education to testify your academic achievements.

English Language Proficiency

To study in an English speaking country as a student from a non-English speaking country, you would have to appear for a standardised English language proficiency test and acquire the minimum score requirement to be eligible for a masters program in Australia's universities. In most universities, the IELTS minimum score requirement is 6.5 bands. Score equivalent to the TOEFL is also valid.

Standardised Test Scores 

Additionally, students have to appear for either the GRE or the GMAT test, as requested by the university, to successfully be eligible to a post graduation program internationally. The minimum score requirement varies from university to university. There are some universities that do not require these tests compulsorily, but you should then have other skills that make you competitive enough to be selected among other candidates.

Work Experience

Although not a compulsory eligibility criterion, having certain work experience to your student profile increases your chances of acceptance at international universities. It is therefore advisable that you have at least one year’s work experience in your profile as a part time or a full time employee in your related field.

Let us now have a look at the various documents required at the time of application so that you do not have to hassle later on and have everything ready before time.

  1. English language proficiency test scorecard
  2. GRE/ GMAT scorecard
  3. Work experience certificate
  4. Passport
  5. Letters of recommendation
  6. Statement of purpose
  7. Photographs

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Admission Procedure for Master in Marketing Management Australia

Let us now have a look at the basic steps of the admission procedure to the prestigious colleges of Australia to make the procedure easy for you.

  1. After proper research, shortlist the universities you consider applying to.
  2. Navigate to the official websites of all the universities and go to your course specification.
  3. Now, go to the application form
  4. Fill it up as required
  5. Support with scanned documents
  6. Submit the documents
  7. As soon as you receive your acceptance letter, go on and apply for your student visa and start packing your bags!

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Cost of Studying Masters in Marketing in Australia

The cost of studying masters in marketing in Australia is undoubtedly high. Therefore, studying without financial aid will be burdensome and might hinder your studies. Being prepared before time helps you manage your finances and make arrangements for the funds required.

Tuition Cost

The tuition costs of a masters in marketing in Australia falls at an average of 45,000 AUD per year. Note that this amount depends greatly on the university you choose and the course specification you go for. Most of the time, the scholarships you apply to will only support your tuition cost.

Living Cost

The living costs of a masters in marketing in Australia depends on the standard of living you have, the expenses you would have in your daily life, etc. This is the sum of your cost for food, transportation, rent, etc. The average student living cost in Australia falls around 500 AUD per week. This amount can be easily made-up for by a menial job working three to four hours per week.

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Scholarships for International Students Studying MS in Marketing Australia

Australia is an incredible country to study in. The one thing that stops students from realising that educational Australia is the financial commitment it comes with. To help students overcome all the financial burdens and give them the opportunity to study in Australia, there are a lot of scholarship options available for students to fund their education. Let us go through a few of them.


Value (in AUD)

Eligibility Criteria

ANU College of Business & Economics Postgraduate Merit Scholarship

50% fee waiver

ANU student in marketing field

A.G. Whitlam Graduate Merit Scholarship

50% fee waiver

University of Melbourne: Business and Management dept


US Federal Student Aid


University of Sydney:

Select fields

Commonwealth Scholarships 2018

1,000 AUD

JCU students, 4 years maximum supplement

Vice Chancellor's International Excellence Scholarship

15,000 AUD

University of South Australia, select fields

VU Postgraduate Research Scholarship (VUPRS)

27,082 AUD

Victoria University: Select fields

*All the above mentioned scholarships are eligible for students pursuing masters in marketing.

Job Prospects after Marketing Masters in Australia

Now, let us jump to the most exciting aspect of a post graduation degree from abroad: what happens next? As you complete your post graduation in marketing from Australia, you will start receiving job opportunities right at your university. All of them pay promising sums and will only make you prosper as an individual. Let us sneak a peek at a few of the most wanted job profiles for marketing masters in Australia.

Job Profile

Annual Average Salary (in AUD)

Average Salary (in INR)

Brand Manager



Marketing strategist



Search engine optimisation specialist



Campaign analyst



Digital Marketer



Affiliate Manager



Sales and Marketing Assistant



As you can see, the amount of financial freedom and job opportunities after you complete your masters in marketing from Australia will be tremendously promising to your career and your professional life. If you’re planning to settle down in Australia after your post graduation, you will most certainly not regret the decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MS in Marketing Australia

Ques. Is a masters in marketing worth it?

Ans. If you have keen interest in marketing, a masters in marketing can be your stepping stone to a prestigious career. Additionally, marketers make good money abroad.

Ques. How much will I earn as a beginner marketer in Australia?

Ans. The beginning salary for marketers in Australia is 70,000 AUD and goes up to 100,000 AUD annually.

Ques. How safe is Australia for international students?

Ans. Australia’s an extremely accepting and safe country for international students and has been ranking top in the list for the same globally.

Ques. Can I pursue a masters in marketing management without maths?

Ans. Maths is not a compulsory subject if you are going for a masters in marketing in Australia. You need to have at least 75% marks in your 10 + 2 and at least 60% marks in your undergraduate in any discipline. However you need to know elementary mathematics to clear your GMAT or GRE test.

Ques. Which state in Australia is best for studying?

Ans. Melbourne is the best state to study in Australia followed by Sydney and Brisbane.

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