How to get an Internship in the US?

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Updated on Apr 30, 2021


Getting my first internship in the U.S. – Shalaka Sridhar (Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey)

I secured my first internship as a Data Science Internship Trainee in New Jersey. I am currently working on building analytical models on Python. I have come to realize that Internships are crucial to develop real time experience and stay on top of new developments in the industry. Internships also help develop necessary skills and ethics that are invaluable at one’s future workplace. More often than not, employers look for, and are impressed by experience. Internships are the best way to develop your experience while still in college! Internships can also function as a testbed for nurturing one’s interests and putting relevant knowledge to use. With all of these benefits, internships definitely come with a competitive cost. I went to several networking events and job fairs before I landed my internship. I learned that networking is key, which I developed over my years here. Having a strong resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile also came to my aid. I strongly recommend getting an internship, and it is never too early to start working on skills that will help secure one!

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