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GRE Vocabulary Preparation: Tips to Tackle GRE Vocabulary

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GRE Vocabulary Preparation: Tips to Tackle GRE Vocabulary Image

The GRE Vocabulary is one of the most crucial parts of the GRE exam. Whether you are solving a verbal section or an analytical one, with good vocabulary skills, you can manage to have a good score on the test. If you appear for the verbal section exam, knowledge of basic English words is a must. Although memorising GRE words isn't the only method for GRE vocabulary preparation, it will surely assist you in speeding up your overall preparation for the exam.

So then, how to enhance your expertise in this section? Stay tuned with us till the end as we have discussed in detail some helpful GRE vocabulary preparation tips along with GRE vocabulary books and other aspects.

Table of Contents:

  1. Importance of Vocabulary in GRE Test
  2. GRE Vocabulary Syllabus
  3. Tips to Prepare For GRE Vocabulary
  4. GRE Vocabulary Preparation and Preparation Books 
  5. Frequently Asked Questions About GRE Vocabulary

Importance of Vocabulary in GRE Test

Having a strong GRE vocabulary building is an asset in solving the verbal reasoning and analytical writing section of the GRE test. A strong vocab does not mean knowledge of some fancy words. However, it means words that build fluency and are somewhat ordinary but unfamiliar to you. Some facts about GRE vocab are mentioned below:

  • GRE vocabulary preparation gives you an ability to grasp the main ideas, structure and details from the given text, which is essential for success. Getting a command of this language also benefits you in writing the essays in the Analytical section.
  • The GRE test will go beyond testing students' general vocabulary knowledge. The Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence Gre questions will test your familiarity and command over difficult words.
  • A good vocabulary knowledge does not end after completing a four-year university and stepping into the professional world. Hence you must always be open to learning new words. It also helps in indicating a high level of sociability.

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GRE Vocabulary Syllabus and Prep Words

The is no particular GRE verbal syllabus for the vocabulary part. The test's verbal section contains some vocab questions along with the analytical writing section. You can use those words in your GRE test to score better. You can also refer to some GRE online vocab preparation to enhance your wording. We have mentioned a few of them below:



anomaly (noun)

Something unusual or unexpected

equivocal (adj.)

Not easily explained or understood

lucid (adj.)

Very easy and clear to understand

precipitate (verb)

To cause (something) to happen suddenly or quickly

assuage (verb)

To make (unpleasant feelings) or less intense

erudite (adj.)

Having or showing great knowledge

opaque (adj.)

Not able to be seen through or not easily understood

prodigal (adj.)

Wastefully extravagant

enigma (noun)

Person or thing which is mysterious, difficult or puzzling to understand

fervid (adj.)

Intensely passionate or enthusiastic

placate (verb)

To make someone less hostile or angry

zeal (noun)

A strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm

abstain (verb)

To restrain oneself from enjoying or doing something

audacious (adj.)

Willingness to take some bold risks

prevaricate (verb)

Avoid telling the truth through not directly answering questions

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Tips to Prepare For GRE Vocabulary

One of the significant factors of GRE vocabulary preparation is through practising.  For that, it is advisable to start studying vocab well in advance through some reliable resources.

Here we have discussed some GRE vocabulary preparation tips that will give the best way to study GRE vocab:

Read More

Start reading daily, such as newspapers, journals and magazines etc, that will help you build your GRE English. Most of the common words directly come from the test. So, you must focus daily on training yourself to notice the terms and write them in the test.

Read Dictionary

You can also search for some critical words from the dictionary and use them in the GRE. In this way, you can remember the most complex words easily in your mind.

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Write Own Definition

It is definitely best to learn some common vocab GRE words, but with the frequency of such high GRE words, it will be difficult to remember them. The best trick to learning those words is to write down the words in your own words rather than in a literary language.

Make GRE Vocabulary List

For building a strong vocabulary for the test, you can make a GRE word list which is more convenient for you to revise the GRE vocab words. This GRE vocabulary word listing will build an easier way for you to recall the words anytime.

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GRE Flashcards

The best GRE vocabulary tips is to make 5 or 6 flashcards and stick them in your pocket and revise them every morning whenever you get some free time. Some coaching institutes, such as Manhattan Prep GRE flashcards, Kaplan GRE vocabulary flashcards etc., are well prepared.

Prioritise Learning New Words

You can also learn some new words every day or whenever you come across some hard vocab words, add them to your word list. They have been used in the GRE test and can be used again in coming tests.


Try to visualise some new words and create a mental image to fix new words in

your mind. Creating a vision for vocab words will make them easier to remember.

Tips for GRE Reading Comprehension

So these are some GRE vocabulary tips which you can use to improve your vocabulary for the GRE test. Let us now check out some books for GRE preparation:

GRE Vocabulary Preparation Books and Resources

To prepare for the GRE test and for making some GRE vocabulary practice question you can refer to various study materials and resources. Although there are thousands of books available in the market, there are only a few that are relevant for the test. Here are some GRE vocabulary books you can refer to practice your vocabulary:

  • Webster’s New World: Essential Vocabulary
  • The Vocabulary Builder by Magoosh
  • GRE Power Vocab by Princeton Review
  • GRE Master Word List by Vibrant Publishers
  • QuickStudy GRE Vocabulary Laminated Study Guide

Apart from these books there are also various apps that will help you in learning new GRE words. This may include:

  • Magoosh GRE Prep
  • Ready4GRE
  • Manhattan Prep GRE
  • Barron’s 1100 for GRE
  • IntelliVocab for GRE and GMAT
  • GRE Flashcards by Magoosh

Therefore, these are some of the books and resources you can avail to prepare for the GRE vocabulary.

GRE Verbal Preparation Books

To get admission into some top graduate college and university, you must score well in the GRE test. In order to secure the best score, it is vital to strengthen your math and vocabulary strategies. Preparing for the vocabulary will also help you in the analytical and verbal sections. So don't forget to try our Yocket free GRE prep to ace your GRE preparation. For further guidance and assistance, do get in touch with our counselors at Yocket.

Frequently Asked Questions About GRE Vocabulary

Ques. How much vocabulary should I study for the GRE?

Ans. The best way to practice vocabulary is to study a lot of GRE words but to keep it manageable. Try to learn around 1,000 new words to give yourself a reasonable goal for the test. Any amount more than that can just end up being overwhelming and potentially discourage you from taking up an impactful routine.

Ques. Should I study vocab for the GRE?

Ans. Yes, you should learn the definitions and even some secondary definitions of words. The best is to learn how these words are used in context, as most of the verbal section questions are about context, including all the vocabulary-based problems.

Ques. How to prepare for the GRE vocabulary?

Ans. One of the ways for GRE vocab preparation is to use flashcards that allow you to customise your complete study sessions, along with memorising the meanings. Then there are also very quick refreshers that will help keep the mind sharp.

Ques. Which vocabulary flashcards are best for GRE?

Ans. The top 5 best GRE vocabulary flashcards are given below:

  • Magoosh Free Flashcards
  • Manhattan Prep Essential and Advanced GRE Flashcards
  • Kaplan GRE Flashcards
  • The Princeton Review Flashcards
  • Barron's GRE Flashcards

Ques. How to score better in the GRE Vocabulary?

Ans. The more significant part of the vocabulary asked in the GRE verbal section covers half of the GRE general test score. Getting an average score of 160 is equal to 90 to 95 percentile. You must learn various GRE vocabulary words daily to achieve your goal.