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Being the third most popular study destination for international students, Australia boasts of its excellent education system, high standard of living, cultural diversity as well as friendly natives. Australian Universities offer a wide variety of courses to its international students from which they can choose the right one for their career goals.

So, to proceed with their aspiration of studying in Australia, students need to obtain a Student Visa after they receive an offer letter from their desired University. 


Australian Student Visa (Subclass 500)

Students with a plan to study in Australia are required to apply for an Australian Student Visa so as to enter and reside in the country, for the duration of the course. Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs offers different visas for different purposes, and as a student, you will be required to obtain a subclass 500 visa. The subclass 500 is the visa which lets international students travel and study in Australia irrespective of the educational field.

With effect from July 1, 2016, a Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF Australia) has been initiated. Under this, the student subclass 500 visa gives students the authority to pursue their desired study program as well as allows their family members to accompany them to Australia. Moreover, with a subclass 500 visa, a student can stay and study in Australia for a duration of up to 5 years in accordance with the course duration.

Also, there is no official age limit for Australian Student Visa. All students above the age of 6 years can apply. However, students younger than 18 years will require parental consent as part of the process.


Requirements for Australian Student Visa

There are certain requirements mentioned by the Department of Home Affairs which students need to fulfill before applying for a student subclass 500 visa. A careful arrangement of these requirements and documents is of utmost importance to avoid any delay in the application process.

Documents required for Australian Student Visa

Students are required to submit the scanned copies of the following documents along with the subclass 500 visa form to make a valid application:

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months of validity at the time of application   
  • A completed and factually correct Australian student visa application form (157A)
  • Receipt of Visa application fee payment
  • Confirmation of Enrolment Form (COE) or Letter of Offer from the Australian University
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement
  • Evidence of financial capacity for the period of your stay
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) as an evidence of your health insurance
  • English language proficiency test results
  • Good character requirements
  • Four recent passport-sized photographs     

A few documents from the above given list demands more information in order to complete the application. A detailed information on the same is discussed as follows:

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE):
To obtain the Australian Student Visa, international students would be required to submit a statement demonstrating that they are Genuine Temporary Entrant. Generally, which means that they intend to return to their home country at the end of the study program or after gaining some years of professional experience.
The student has to write a GTE statement while attaching the following evidences and information to it:

  • Previous Academic Qualifications:
    All results related to where you have previously studied which includes certified copy of your academic transcripts, Educational Certificate (Degree, Diploma etc.)
  • Proof of Employment:
    Either your most recent curriculum vitae / resume which should convey your employment and educational history or your current or the most recent employment proof which can include payslips or a contract letter.
  • Economic circumstances in your home country: Documents proving your financial record such as income tax returns, reports or bank statements.
  • Familial and other tie ups conveying the desire to return to after completing the studies.
  • If there are any gaps in your education, you are required to mention the reasons for the same.

English Language Proficiency:
If you do not belong to an English-speaking country, you mandatorily need to give English language eligibility test to prove you can speak English up to the required skill level. To do the needful, you can appear for any of these tests - IELTS, TOEFL iBT, Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, and Cambridge Advanced English (CAE).  

Australian Student Visa Financial Requirements:
The Australian Visa authority would want to know whether a student has sufficient funds to serve their stay in Australia. To validate the same, you have to provide financial details for these:  

  • Your travel cost to and from Australia
  • Your total tuition cost/fee
  • Living cost
  • Or, if you’re applying for a student loan, then a letter from the bank that would justify your financial position.     

The required amount of funds to be shown by the students travelling alone for a period of 12 months is AUD 62,222. In case, the student is travelling for a short course, then they will be required to provide proof of funds for that intended period of stay. Also, if your stay is accompanied by your family members, you will need to show proof of funds amounting to AUD 72,592.

Health Checkup and Insurance:
To ensure that incoming international students are in sound health, they will need to provide proof in the form of a Health Certificate. This certificate needs to convey that students do not have any major health issues. For this purpose, there are empanelled doctors in India authorized to perform health checkup and thereby issue a good health certificate.

Apart from this, students are required to procure an OSHC (Overseas Students Health Cover) and provide the same at the time of visa application.

You can either purchase an OSHC through your University or directly from one of these approved health insurance providers:

  • Australian Health Management
  • Nib OSHC
  • Medibank Private
  • BUPA Australia
  • Allianz Global Assistance

Moreover, the cost of OSHC health insurance cover may vary depending on the provider and the duration of cover.

Good Character requirements:
The requirements of Australian student visa set forth that the student must be of a good character in order to enter Australia. To validate the same, you will be needed to provide the following documents:


Australia Student Visa Application Process

As soon as a student is done with the arrangement of documents, they can start with the Australia visa application process. One must consider applying for the student subclass 500 visa as soon as they get an offer letter from University confirming their admission. Also, make sure to keep all the required documents ready beforehand.  

For a better understanding of how to apply for Student Visa in Australia, a simplified step by step procedure is discussed as follows:   

Step 1: Create an ImmiAccount 

Visit the official Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website and create your ImmiAccount.

Step 2: Fill the Visa Application form and Attach Documents  

Under this section, fill in all the details required on the visa application form and attach the essential documents. Some documents might be needed to be submitted after the form submission as well, so keep them all prepared.

Step 3: Online payment of Australian Student Visa fees

The last step before you lodge your application in ImmiAccount is the payment of the visa fee. Payment of Australian student visa fees could be done through these methods: Credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express), PayPal, BPAY or UnionPay.

Step 4: Track the Application

Once you are done with the payment of fee, a receipt will get generated with a TRN (Transaction Reference Number). You must save the TRN to check the status and track your application.

Step 5: After you apply

The process of student visa application does not conclude here. After completing the application, you are then required to submit the following through your ImmiAccount:

  • Student’s Biometric details. You will be given 14 days to submit biometric details so it is advisable to arrange an appointment at the earliest following the instructions in the request letter.
  • Undergo health examinations if you haven't before applying.
  • Providing the left out information. If there's any document you did not attach while during the application, then attach the same through the ImmiAccount.
  • Declare all the family members whom you have mentioned in your visa application, even if they do not plan to accompany you to Australia.

The processing time for Australia Student Visa depends on various factors and can take around usually one month and in some cases it could extend to 3 months.


Australia Study Visa (subclass 500) Fees

For the student subclass 500 visa, students are required to pay the Base Application Charge which is AUD 620. In case, the student is above 18 years of age, they will have to pay AUD 460 as an additional applicant charge. Similarly, if the applicant is under 18, they will need to pay AUD 150 as an additional charge.                                


Australia Student Visa Interview Questions

A final assessment is done by the Case Officer who conducts a GTE (General Temporary Entrant) assessment, wherein all the Australian student visa applicants are interviewed. If the assessment goes well, the applicant is issued a Student Visa. A few sample interview questions are listed here:

  • Why do you wish to study in Australia?
  • What course have you applied for?  
  • What is your reason for choosing this particular course?
  • What is the duration of your course?
  • How will pursuing this course benefit you?
  • How much does your course fee cost?
  • How will you be paying for the course?
  • Why have you selected a particular University/School?  
  • Do you think this course is going to benefit you? If so, how?
  • How many universities did you apply at?
  • Why did you choose X university, why not Y, why not Z ?
  • Are you planning to live in Australia after your course ends?


International students are wholeheartedly welcomed by Australians to pursue their desired study programs. To ensure your study trip to Australia, make sure you do not leave any stone unturned and make your Australian student visa application accurate without any fault. After all, completing the student visa application is one of the most important steps towards accomplishing your dream to study in Australia.

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