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Required Documents, Excerpted from the acceptance guidelines (authoritative text in German here):, § 3 Application, (1) In order for your application to be accepted, the following documents must be submitted:, , A certified copy of your undergraduate diploma along with a certified translation into English or German if the original is in any other language than German, English, or French (if your diploma has not been issued at the time of application, a statement about your anticipated date of graduation from your department will be acceptable; see (2) below), A certified copy of your transcript of records outlining the contents of your undergraduate degree, with the same requirements for a certified translation as for the diploma (if you have not yet completed your studies, the most recent version of your transcript of records will be acceptable at the time of application. The full document will need to be provided upon enrollment), Proof of English proficiency (see "Language and Acceptance Requirements” above)(exceptions: native speakers, applicants with a degree in English Studies from a German university. Please get in touch with us if you are unsure about whether you need to provide official proof of English proficiency), , Two letters of recommendation from academic teaching staff (in German or English) (Since our application system is now fully online, we ask applicants to simply indicate two references on their CV), , A statement of intent (two to three pages, in English), in which the applicant states his or her reasons for seeking acceptance to the MA program, , A 2,500 word essay written in English on the subject of the applicant’s choice, which relates to one of the English Language and Linguistics modules (The Structure of Modern English; Present-Day English: Regional, Social and Stylistic Variability; Language Change and the History of English; Discourse and Communication; Psycholinguistics: Language Acquisition and Bilingualism; Corpus Linguistics and Language Technology; Theories and Schools of Thought in English Linguistics), , A chronological CV (re?sume?) (two to three pages in length, written in English, including contact details for two academic references), , (2) If the applicant is not able to produce certified copies of his or her completed diploma by the application deadline, but has at that time finished his or her current course of study, the applicant may hand in a statement from the university, which, in addition to the final grade(s), states that the course of study has been completed. In this case, the officially certified copies must be submitted to the University of Freiburg as soon as they are available, and no later than at the time of enrollment., , PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR APPLICATION WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED IF ALL THE DOCUMENTS LISTED ABOVE HAVE BEEN RECEIVED., ,

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