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We got you everything from shortlisting to loan, all under one plan!

Your Personal Dashboard

AI powered shortlist Builder

Study Abroad Videobook

SOP Workshop

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What Kickstarter Brings To You

Your Personal Dashboard

Plan your entire journey step-by-step with your personalised dashboard! Track your progress and navigate through the process all in one place.

A Smart Shortlist Builder

An AI-backed tool that recommends you a list of university programs based on your priorities & preferences! You can easily sort & compare them and finalise your shortlist.

A Study Abroad Videobook

It’s like your guidebook for the entire application process, just that we’ve removed the boring read & learn from it and made it an easy click & watch!

Exclusive SOP Workshop

Know from the experts what your SOP needs & create a lasting impression on the admissions committee. Comes with a QnA session for all your doubts!