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A guiding light to university and beyond!_image

A guiding light to university and beyond!

Worried about selecting the right university? We’ve got your back! Confused about which course to study? We can help you. Finding it hard to frame your SOPs? Again, we assure you that our personalized counsellors have got your back from start to end of your study abroad journey. In short, YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN US!

Build profiles that pack a punch!_image

Build profiles that pack a punch!

Don’t let your profile just speak for you when they can fight for you! We’ll be in your corner giving expert guidance to make the best shot to top universities. With the right internships, projects and upskilling, we can improve your chances of admission. Ready to knock ‘em down?

Course, Country and Career Pathfinders_image

Course, Country and Career Pathfinders

Be in control of your career even before you begin! Tell us your interests and we’ll find all the possible and up-to-date options that will fit your choice, of course, country and career goals. With us, get a list of universities that are perfect for landing!

University shortlisting: It’s Yocket science_image

University shortlisting: It’s Yocket science

Break free from uncertainty! Yocket's machine-learning algorithm easily helps you shortlist the best universities for your profile based on students with similar profiles and successful admits, thus increasing your admission chances

Let’s steer those scholarships your way!_image

Let’s steer those scholarships your way!

What keeps your dream to study abroad afloat? Yes, scholarships! And we know how to get one for you. Our experts can assist you in finding and applying for scholarships and writing the perfect scholarship essays. So, why wait? Take out your spyglass and follow us!

You had us at essays!_image

You had us at essays!

Sometimes, essays are all we think about! Let it be SOPs, LORs, personal essays or your biography, get it fine tuned with us. Our expert guidance and review-edit system will make your essays stand out for universities.

Keeping up with your financial plans._image

Keeping up with your financial plans.

Planning finances can be tricky for most. Not for us, If all you need is guidance and planning for your study abroad finances, we’ve got a bag full of tricks to simplify it. We provide expert assistance from comparing education loans, getting the best interest rates to legal documentation.

Land those Visas like never before!_image

Land those Visas like never before!

Do you consider Visa interviews as your Bane? Learn the tactics to beat them with mock interviews and expert guidance on body language, communication and answers to help you get those Visas with ease.

Ready. Set. Prep!_image

Ready. Set. Prep!

Here comes your ‘When in Rome...’ moment! Our experts will give you all the information about the local culture, student life, how to handle the cultural changes, connecting with students and many more. Start prepping!

Yocket alumni to your rescue!_image

Yocket alumni to your rescue!

We can sense that you are filling up with doubts and questions about your favourite universities. Our Alumni are excited to share and explain their first-hand experience of studying at universities you like. So, ask away!

We’re in it with you for the long haul_image

We’re in it with you for the long haul

Apply to universities in countries you like and get complete end-to-end assistance throughout the application process. You can stay organized, track applications and achieve many more with us. It’s our way of saying, ‘We’ll never give up on you’.

A dashboard for your dreams!_image

A dashboard for your dreams!

A personalized dashboard with one of our counsellors as your co-pilot! Come on, it doesn’t get any better. Our counsellors will help you push through the applications, countless tasks and daunting documentation procedures to make the simplest charted course to your dream university.

Heads up for the Interview!!_image

Heads up for the Interview!!

We are always on the lookout for you and video interviews cannot be taken lightly. Take our mock video interviews as a chance to enhance your pre-admission interview skills.

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