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Hafsana A

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Yocket Pro premium account available for a lower price

I have a Yocket Pro Premium account (unused), priced at 55k, for transfer at a lower price (52k). The transfer is facilitated by the Yocket team itself as I am unable to continue with the journey. This package includes counseling for 2 countries and will facilitate 10 applications. This also includes a complete fee waiver for IELTS or a fee waiver for IELTS coaching.

Anyone who is interested, kindly contact in yocket chat or send a mail to achuajab@gmail.com so that we can take the process further with the yocket support team.

Below are the deliverables for your plan:

LIST OF SERVICES YOCKET PREMIUM PRO PLAN After the Applicant’s detailed profile mapping, based on his/her preferences, The Company will suggest the most suited specialization (if still undecided), any (Two) countries and help the Applicant to draw up a tentative shortlist of universities out of which a maximum of 10 Universities plus 3 partner universities (optional) will be approved as the final list as deemed by the counsellor. If the number of universities exceed the above-mentioned number, an extra fee shall be payable by the Applicant in this regard. Applicant needs to mention the preference of the university if he/she has any.

1. COUNSELLING a. Extensive consultation sessions with counsellor b. Course guidance c. Country guidance d. Advise on university selection according to the profile e. Advice/Consultation on University-based scholarships and assistantships f. Profile building advice

2. DOCUMENTATION a. Guidance on drafting of the main Statement of Purpose (SOP) (Drafting to be done by Applicant) b. SOP analysis & suggestions for improvements c. Reviewing of university specific SOPs d. Guidance on drafting letter of recommendations (Drafting to be done by Applicant) e. LOR analysis & suggestions for improvements f. Guidance in resume drafting (Drafting to be done by Applicant) g. Guidance on financial documentation process h. Assistance with university specific documents (essays, personal statements, university interviews or video introduction)

3. APPLICATIONS a. Guidance and review of University Application Forms (Form to be filled by the applicant)

4. ADMITS a. Assistance in finalizing the university out of the multiple admits (if any) b. Pre-departure sessions to help Applicants improve the experience in the university

5. FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS a. Assistance on Securing i20: Guidance on Documents involved b. Assistance in getting education loan

6. VISA AND PRE-DEPARTURE a. Guidance on how to secure a visa date and how to book visa slot (Visa Slot booking to be done by applicant) b. Guidance on Filling Visa Application Form and review of it, including guidance on documents required (Visa Form to be filled by the applicant) c. Visa interview assistance by providing visa questions as per profile and conducting visa mock interview

​7. FOREX CARD a. Application for forex card

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