Harshal Desai

2 months ago

what is the last date to put my file for Canada so I can get visa in December to attend Jan intake


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Adithya Datta Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hey Harshal Desai The Ideal time to start applying for the January intake in Canada is June-July the deadline is September 15. So apply as soon as you recieve your letter of acceptance from the college. The time needed to process your application may vary among visa offices it takes around 8 weeks on average from the day you apply. I would suggest you to apply to the college by this month as it wi... See more


Shivansh Mittal

a month ago

Just start the process asap because Canadian High Commission has a lot of previous applications in the backlog so even if u apply through SDS category, You will have to wait at least 3 months to get your Visa decision. Thank You See more