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What are the documents required to study abroad?

- Academic Transcripts
The academic transcript is issued by your current/previous academic institution to verify your bachelor's. Ensure that the documents are stamped and certified by the authority. Some universities ask for soft copies whereas some require stamped and sealed docs to be mailed to the university.

- Resume
A resume is a formal document that exhibits your professional and academic qualifications with work experience. It also covers your skills and significant accomplishments.

- Letter of Recommendation
While applying for universities abroad, you are required to submit LORs. LORs are divided into two types: Academic and Professional. A University teacher writes an Academic LOR or principal and a Professional LOR is written by a previous or current employer. Regardless of the study level, course, and field of study, students usually require 2 LORs belonging to academic and 1 LOR from a professional background.

- Statement of Purpose/Essay
While applying to University/graduate schools you need to tell them why you have specially chosen that university and course through the Statement of Purpose. The Statement of Purposes is a brief and focused essay on one’s career and research goals and accomplishments so far to achieve them.

- GMAT/GRE Score Reports
- IELTS/TOEFL Score Sheets

Along with the above-mentioned docs, your college may also ask for your 10th, or 12th mark sheets, LinkedIn profiles, research papers, or publications. The requirements also vary from country to country. The information will be mentioned clearly on the website.

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