Daniel Shekhar

11 days ago

University suggestions for Fall 23(MS IN US)

Undergrad college: Tier 3 Undergraduation course: CSE CGPA: 8.99 GRE: 309(Q 163, V 146, AWA 4) IELTS: 7 Target course: CS Internship exp: 4 months Very active in college activities and also organised various events. Please suggest upto 20 Universities which are located at Central to east side of the US Thank you very much in advance. #admissions

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Shaunak Salvi Mentor_tag

11 days ago

Hi Daniel, you can begin your preliminary research around the following Universities: Ambitious: 1. University of California, Santa Barbara 2. Arizona State University 3. Boston University 4. University of Rochester 5. University of Colorado Boulder Moderate: 1. The University of Utah 2. University of Georgia, Athens 3. Vanderbilt University 4. Fordham University 5. Penn State Harrisburg Safe: ... See more