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Top 5 IELTS speaking tips and tricks

Speaking in front of others with confidence can be difficult, and the IELTS test expects you to be flawless in this area. You definitely need some of the best tips to pass the speaking test in the IELTS exam if you're one of those people who sidesteps public speaking or simply wants to improve your performance. These pointers will guarantee that you get the best scores and highest possible test scores.

IELTS speaking techniques are primarily helpful for those who experience social anxiety. This advice will undoubtedly get you ready to speak in front of dozens or hundreds of people with ease, efficiency, and confidence. Therefore, if you fall into this category, read down and get the best results. The list of the top IELTS speaking tips is provided below.


Despite having excellent English skills, timing really does seem to be amongst the main concerns that prevent people from having scored. You should therefore be able to provide answers that are relevant and fluid to avoid this issue. Some test questions require lengthy responses, while others only need a few words. Therefore, be well-prepared and tailor your responses accordingly.


Most people frequently prioritize vocabulary over anything else, which results in low grades. Although they are both equally important, you should always prioritize speaking English fluently over vocabulary. Speaking clearly is simpler than taking the time to consider a better word. One of the best strategies for passing the IELTS speaking test.

Create a positive first impression.

Feeling good is as important as appearing good. A few ways to maintain decent conduct are to greet the examiner, give a pleasant smile and look your best. Embrace your self-assurance. A good first impression, though it might not seem crucial, will go a long way.

Reading out loud

Make sure to read an editorial from the newspaper every day. Reading aloud more frequently can help you get used to new words. Speaking something out loud in its context has a lot of impacts. Record yourself and listen to it later if you're curious about how you sound. Pay attention to how your voice changes as you go up and down, starts and stops, and fluctuates. Speech patterns are significant because they help to frame what is said and how it is understood.

Maintain coherence

When speaking for the IELTS, keep in mind that linking words will improve the organization of your response. Candidates can enrich their responses by using parts of speech like "nevertheless," "all in all," "however," and "moreover." Making effective responses requires the use of linking words. Candidates can improve their skills and master this skill by taking a practice IELTS speaking test, where they can practice speaking IELTS online.
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