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Scope of Business Analyst in Canada

With quick changing economies everywhere, this has given an opportunity to new business strategies with increase in demand for genius solutions. Subsequently, now it is difficult to match the wants of the customers with traditional business methods.

Here the requirement of a business analyst emerges into the picture, to create the most adequate decision to the current needs with the help of technology.
Project managers are diversifying the business analysis skills to boost their job profiles. To add a feather to their career level upwards with the Business Analysis certifications.

Who is a Business Analyst?
A person who not only understands the local business methods but also business ethics and to identify the prospects of the industry.

Scope of Business Analyst
Business Analytics is a rapidly growing field offering great opportunities to postgraduates from the same field. International students can work in sectors like market research analyst, management analyst, business analyst, financial analyst, etc.

Their direct move into functional positions within organizations may lead to them getting into roles such as Project Manager Information Technology, Project Manager, Software or Assistant General Manager.

Within the next five to six years, business analysts are forecast to grow by 25%. As a techno-functional role, BAs make perfect sense for climbing the career ladder. Every aspect of the BA’s responsibility is related to it. Obtaining this can lead to financial stability, professional growth, and a rewarding career.

Below are few BA’s Certifications which are best in Canada –
CAP stands for Certified Analytics Professional.
Entrepreneurship Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) is sponsored by the IIBA.
Obtaining the certification to fulfill competencies in Business Analysis (CCBA) is a requirement under IIBA’s Esurance.
The IIBA’s Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification is a great way to evaluate your expertise.
AIBA ficial Analysis Certification (AAC)

Below are few best universities in Canada for Business Analytics –
York Schulich School of Business
Queen’s Smith School of Business
University of Alberta
Carleton University
University of British Columbia
McMaster University
HEC Montreal

Below are few best colleges in Canada for Business Analytics –
Cambrian College
Centennial College
St Lawrence College
Humber College
Durham College
Algonquin College
St. Clair College

Below are few jobs of BA (In CAD) –
Business Analyst - $98,000
Business Intelligence Analyst – $97,000
Revenue Management – $120,000
System Analyst - $92,000
Management Analyst - $90,500
Market Research Analyst - $67,500
Business Data Analyst - $88,000
Business Intelligence Managers - $118,000

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