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2 months ago

Postgraduate Engineering Courses in USA

Which Engineering Program to Study?
Depending on your academic interests and future career goals, you can choose from 3 main options – MS or MSE, MEng or Graduate certificates.

Universities in the USA offer multiple options to choose from – including unique combinations, accelerated courses, a range of specialisations etc.
Study Options after BE/BTech in USA
1) Aerospace Engineering

2) Automotive Engineering

3) Chemical Engineering

4) Civil Engineering

5) Computer and Electrical Engineering

6) Mechanical Engineering

7) Engineering Management

8) Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates
If you’re looking for postgraduate engineering courses in USA which are shorter and meant for advancing your technical knowledge in a particular specialisation, then a Graduate Certificate course might be the right choice for you.

Whether you want to earn a credential in a field other than the one you graduated in, or you want to explore cutting-edge areas like Deep Learning, Unconventional Energy, Nanobiotechnology or Extended Reality – there is something for you!

Study Options:

Some graduate certificate programs may be taken as add-on programs if you’re already enrolled in the same university, in a related or unrelated degree program.

Some graduate certificate programs may be taken as an independent qualification without enrolling in a Master’s program.

Credits earned as part of a Graduate Certificate can count towards a Master’s or PhD degree, if you choose to upgrade your program.

The duration of these programs varies from 12-18 months or more. Cost of study varies depending on the number of credits you have to take.


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