Sudheekshitha Malepati

9 days ago

Planning to study MS in Management Information Systems for the coming Jan 2023 intake

I've planned to study MS in MIS in USA. My profile includes below. Please suggest universities where I can apply CGPA: 7.29 Work Experience: 8+ years IELTS: 7 PS: yet to take GRE. #admissions #Masters #managementinformationsystems #Jan2023intake

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Aditya Alladi Mentor_tag

8 days ago

Hello there Bharat, I have shortlisted some of the universities for you for MS in Management Information Systems categorized into three sections ( Ambitious, Target, and Safe Universities) Ambitious: 1) University of Maryland, College Park 2) Northwestern University 3) University of Texas at Austin 4) University at Buffalo SUNY Target: 1. University of Texas at Dallas 2. University of Florid... See more