Aniketh Kanthi

13 days ago

Needed Profile Evaluation. Please Help

Hi, I'm ECE passed out 2019 and have work experience of 2.5+ years as Software Engineer.
My CGPA 7.68
Want to do Master's in Computer Science or Information Systems

Budget between 35000$ - 40000$


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Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

13 days ago

Hi Aniketh You Can Remove CSE from a good college from the Picture because of no GRE and Change of Branch. You can still get into Cse but if you want a good college than Your best Bet is to write gre and apply for MIS Programs for the following - 1. IUB 2. SDSU 3. Buffalo 4. Stony Brook 5. UT Arlington 6. FSU 7. USF See more

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