Sai Krishna

a month ago

Is it possible to get admits from us colleges with only Duolingo and GRE

Hello guys i wrote gre and got 307 score if i write duolingo and get 100+ score is it possible to get admits from colleges like UC and UNT , umkc, ucm, usf ?


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Arjun Aravind

a month ago

Hi Sai Krishna, apart from your GRE and Duolingo, you will need a decent profile at least near 7-7.5 GPA to be a competitive applicant to the unis you have mentioned. Also, check if Duolingo is accepted by all unis that you have listed because if not it would be a waste! Score 110 at least on the Duolingo, and you may stand a chance at these unis (provided your GPA is good, and they accept Duoling... See more

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